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Found 22 results

  1. 200gal. Kothe mash cooker. Agitator with motor. Steam jacket. Cooling jacket. CIP connection. Excellent condition. $11,000 Pall WSFZ filter Housing. includes 4 SUPRAdisc SD AKS 4 300XAK4C419SPW filters model #WSFZ162F31UT5J Excellent condition. $3,500 Both pieces of equipment are located in Blanco, Texas.
  2. I am trying to decide on what filter sizes to use for bottling our whisky (aged for 3 years and we are using non chill filtration). Apologies for another post on this topic as I have seen quite a few on here but they haven't really answered my question. From literature and posts here I see that a common filter pore size is around 1 micron, with many of you using 5 micron and then 0.5 micron. I spoke to a filtration company who have lots of experience with this type of work and they informed me that small changes in the filter size (eg 1 micron to 1.2 micron) can make significant changes to colour and taste of whisky. As a result the best thing to do would be to send a sample and they would test different filter sizes and send back finished product from different filter sizes to us. This saves using the wrong filter size for our bottling and potentially harming our product. Does anyone have any input or experience with testing filter sizes before committing to a full bottling run? My worries of not doing this is ending up with a whisky which will haze or go cloudy in time from a filter too large or a whisky which has had some of its hard earned taste removed at the final step. If testing is the correct way how do we then deal with bottling of whisky from different ages and different casks etc in the future? - it seems excessive. If anyone has any thoughts/input on anything relevant then please let me know! Thanks
  3. I'm in the planning phase of opening a small distillery to produce rum, vodka, gin and whiskey. It appears that I'm going to have to carbon and/or chill filter my vodka and rum as initial tests show the spirit to be too cloudy and also a bit rough around the edges on taste. Can anybody please advise me what the cost per bottle/gallon/litre might be to peform carbon/chill filtering. I'm referring to the cost of carbon etc as opposed to paying off say 10k of equipment within the cost of production. That said, if people can also advise of chill filter and carbon system costs too, that would help as I'm struggling to find info. I aim to operate on a 300 gallon pot with 4+10+10 plate column set-up. Raw materials will vary from grain to molasses to fruit, depending on product. Many thanks.
  4. Hey everybody, first time posting on the forum. I've just decided to step up from janky homemade moonshine stills and buy a proper one. Now I want to refine my product and have some real fun (I work in wine industry professionally, so I play a lot). My current issue though is I am looking for recommendations on where/what product to buy for filtration (specifically removing scent). The reviews I see online are mixing, some say they work great some say they made the spirit black despite saying pre-washed etc. Any tips in filtering also greatly appreciated!
  5. Have a somewhat obscure question for anyone blending liqueurs, absinth, etc who may have to deal with unusual sediments. We're just getting started and are still working out a few kinks with the initial production. My product is a spiced honey liqueur with some colloidal sediments from the botanicals we use in the spice reduction. Essentially we get a gelatinous mass of pectins and other small solids that eventually settles to the bottom of the tank. I can extract the clear top ~90% of the product with no problem, but I'd like to recover as much as I can from the bottom 'sludge', and I'm curious if anyone else has dealt with a similar issue before. The main issue is that the sediments are colloidal and will quickly gum up most regular filters, at least for what I've used at home (coffee filters, cheescloth, fine mesh strainers). I'm hesitant to drop money on a plate and frame filter just because I don't know how well one of those would work. I'm also a bit worried about 'over filtering' and stripping out some flavors, because the product is pretty viscous to begin with. I'm afraid I don't know the exact micron size we want to filter at either. I'm leaning towards using a basket-type centrifuge, although those seem to be either designed for waste veggie oil (and generally not food-safe) or crazy expensive with large-scale beverage processing in mind. My DIY solution is a centrifugal juicer sealed up with food-grade silicone sealant, so we'll see if that pans out or not. I also bought a cheapo plate filter for homebrewing to test the other options. In any case, if y'all have any thoughts, I'd definitely like to hear them! Thanks!
  6. Semi-automatic Bench line for distillery SEMIAUTOMATIC 4 NOZZLES VACUUM FILLER - $2,640.00 OPTIONAL FILTERING - $534.00 AIR-OPERATED BENCH TOP CORKER AND CAPPER - $1,296.00 SEMIAUTOMATIC LABELLING MACHINE M2R FOR ROUND AND SQUARE BOTTLES WITH DIGITAL DSPLAY - $4,080.00 OPTIONALS: KIT FOR SQUARE BOTTLES LABELLING - $1,536.00 HOT FOIL PRINTER - $2,575.00 DOUBLE FLOOR STAINLESS STEEL BENCH - $1,944.00 Spec and pictures at : https://www.dropbox.com/s/3df58jn0y953owr/Semiautomatic bench line for spirits.pdf?dl=0
  7. We are planning to use a simple plate and frame filter pre-bottling of 5 and .5 or 1 microns. There seems to be many different sizes and plate count. How do you size these properly?
  8. For those of you making vodka, what filtering steps are you taking? Are you using a filter like this? https://www.dudadiesel.com/choose_item.php?id=cfv32 Using coconut carbon? Charcoal? Are you letting the carbon sit in the spirit for a lengthy time or are you just running it through a filter like this? Finally, are you proofing to get the ABV down before filtering or are you filtering at a high proof? Learning a lot from everyone as we plan our business. Thank you for everything friends!
  9. Hello, I'm a newbie at spirits filtration and have a few questions regarding filtration in general and also what's the best method to filter a cloudy gin in particular. Will a plate-and-frame filter out too much aroma/flavor? I've heard some use the Noryl plastic plates, but others recommend only using stainless steel plates to filter. Stainless steel is much more expensive and I'm wondering if it's necessary? Is a cartridge filter better or does it accomplish different goals than a plate-and-frame? Finally, what filter pad and/or cartridge filter manufacturers and types do you recommend? Thanks for the help!
  10. Hey all! We have an assortment of filter cartridges, I'll post the quantity, price, photo and provide a link to the manufacturer's website for more information! 2 - Aqua-Pure AP1001 Cartridge - Price: $15ea - Link 3 - Aqua-Pure AP420 Water Filter Cartridge - Price: $30ea - Link 2 - Caware Activated Carbon Block Filter Cartridge - Price: $15ea - Link (These are CBC-10 Large Cartridges). 1 - Prefilter Cartridge - Price: $5 - Link 2 - Caware Activated Carbon Block Filter Cartridge - Price: $10ea - Link (These are CBC-10 Small Cartridges). Please, contact Dave Rigo at dave@watersheddistillery.com if you have any questions or would like to make a purchase. Thank you!
  11. Hello! We currently have a gently used, good condition iSpring Reverse Osmosis Water System for sale. I will post our price, a photo and a link to the manufacturer's website for more details below! iSpring Reverse Osmosis Water System - 5 Stage Filtration - Prince: $150 - Link Please, contact Dave Rigo at dave@watersheddistillery.com if you have any questions or would like to purchase! Thank you!
  12. I'm looking to filter vodka through multiple filters before adding flavors but need guidance on what type of pump I need. I'm going from a 53 gallon barrel to a pump and then through multiple filters before being dumped into another barrel. I will be a small operation so it does not have to be super strong but need something to get the product through the filters. My main concern is sanitation since the alcohol will physically go through the pump. Do I need a special food grade pump or something? Will any pump from a hardware store do? Suggestions? Brands? Thanks guys!
  13. Hey guys, We picked up the old water filtration system from Bell's brewery here in Kalamazoo, MI. We intended to retrofit it and use it for our process water... But sadly have run out of time and decided to just purchase a new unit. Here's the info on the system. If you're interested or have questions feel free to email me at jon@gddistilling.com. Asking $500 obo. Buyer must pick up. We can help you load it, 2 guys can carry the whole rack. Come get a piece of brewing history... Would love to give it a new home. Email for pictures. Water filtration system Overall dimensions 103.5"high x 44"wide 19"deep from back of filter to front of front filter Upper pipe diameters 2"id Lower left pipe diameter 1" slightly oval ed so could be 1 1/8" cut copper pipe Lower right pipe diameter male threads 1.5"id 1.75"od 1 5/8" square tubing frame Filters are 20"long and the canisters measure approximately 5.5" in diameter so I assume the filters are 4.5".
  14. About 6 months ago I purchase two 30" Cartridge Filter Housings and four cartridge filters from stpats.com. I used one filter housing and cartridge and it worked well. However, I decided to go a different direction and no longer need this equipment and filters. Below is what I have for sale: (2) 30" Cartridge Filter Housings with 2 sanitary gauges and 2 butterfly valves (purchased for $885 each) (2) 30" 5 Micron Polypropylene Cartridge Filters (purchased for $75 each) (1) 30" 0.45 Micron Polypropylene Cartridge Filters (purchased for $90) Make me an offer for any of the equipment/filters. The more items you buy the more I will discount.
  15. I'm wondering when is the best time to filter your vodka over activated charcoal? Fresh of the still at high proof, right after dilution to 40% abv with water or a few weeks after dilution?
  16. Hey everybody, I want to give a big shout out to BDAS in Lexington, KY for their great lab work (I'm purely a customer and in no other way affiliated). Recently got results back regarding beta-sitosterol in spirits. I was wondering if anyone else has had issues with high levels of sterols or any other precipitation in the bottled? I know that I can filter down to 0.5 micron to solve it but I'd prefer to limit the amount of sterols coming across to the finished spirits because so much flavor is lost. I have a strong feeling that it is coming from our choice of cooperage but I'm not 100% and waiting for new barrels to arrive and fully mature a product isn't ideal given that I'd be waiting in excess of a year. I believe it the cooperage is the culprit because no sterols precipitate out in our white spirits - even though it's lower proof and I have left in the freezer to facilitate precipitation. Is it possible that the wood used in the barrels themselves have not been seasoned long enough? Any other options there? I still have several months before the barrels from a different source are ready for testing.. Thoughts? Thanks, NAB
  17. I have three items up for sale Pictures upon request, file size of each picture was to large Contact: Kyle, Gintern@watersheddistillery.com Shipping costs not included, prices are slightly negotiable 1. iSpring Reverse Osmosis- $200 -Paid $500 new -Specs: http://www.amazon.com/iSpring-RCB4T-Tankless-Commercial-Electric/dp/B0040IOU5E 2. On the Go Tri-Bed Deionizer- $1250 -Paid $2300 new -Portable water softener -Picture of the quote and specs available through email 3. (2) Aquapure SS Filter Housings- $100 each -$209 each brand new -Will come with all the filters provided in the pictures -Will be just the separate metal housings, not the piping attaching the two housings -Specs: http://www.aquapurefilters.com/store/product/200092.200081/sst1ha.html?utm_source=google&utm_term=sst1ha&utm_campaign=Models+%28AP%29&utm_medium=cpc&utm_content=sTgWo83Fn|pcrid|36199407727|pkw|sst1ha|pmt|p|&gclid=CjwKEAjwzuisBRClgJnI4_a96zwSJACAEZKecr5ApbbkgAUaIWEf1RG3t2nUD6CYtitaT-JewewToxoCULzw_wcB
  18. Hi, As the title suggests i am in the process of making a cost effective house gin for the bar and nightclub market. I have my recipe all figured out and I am happy with the taste, but I have run into a few problems with the maceration and distilling technique. The first being the cloudiness issue. I know discarding the heads is a way to reduce the cloudiness, but i have found to get a truly clear gin I have to discard a lot. Is it possible to keep all of the heads and just filter the oil and cloudiness out? If so what size filter would accomplish this without any loss in taste? Also, as I would like to save money and reduce waste, what temperature can I collect to without compromising the taste? So far I have been collecting to 90C but I feel I could go higher. Thanks Guys
  19. I wanted to take a fresh look at an older thread (http://adiforums.com/index.php?showtopic=1072&hl=%2Bcarbon+%2Bfilter). Not sure if I posted it correctly. We are looking to make/purchase a unit for carbon filtering. I was curious if any of you had results from your research. I know Classick and JohninWV were looking into the Carbac filter sheets for simplicity. Has anyone else given them a try? Thanks, Todd
  20. So right off the bat, I'm talking vodka. When I make vodka, I filter it with intent of making it more neutral coming out than it was going in, with the explicit goal of making it as neutral as possible. I use a bed of activated charcoal in a fiberglass housing. Using a pneumatic pump, I push chilled vodka through the charcoal bottom-up, then collect it, and repeat until I'm happy with the outcome. The system is self designed using a mix of parts from our local water care provider and McMaster-Carr. This system works well enough to produce vodka that's won us some awards, but we're facing a couple issues that I'm tired of dealing with. Specifically, the volume this system can filter is limited, and the variability in time it takes to filter different batches to a point of neutrality we are happy with has become annoying. So I'm looking for options or alternatives to our current setup, and was curious to what others have implemented and found successful. Anyone have filter manufacturers, suppliers, or setup tricks that they'd like to share? Anyone using a plate filter imbedded with carbon that they are happy with? Anyone aware of any suppliers that will allow you to test the system before paying for it (like a test drive)? I'm pretty sure everyone deals with filtration in one form or the other, I'm eager to know what the field has to input. Thanks in advance for sharing you experience. -Scott
  21. 20x20 Plate and Frame Filter. 11 plates total but can be operated with less. Plates are all stainless, no noryl/plastic on the filter at all. Includes various pads. Only used a couple times. $1,500 obo. orlin@woodinvillewhiskeyco.com
  22. I am having a hard time getting info on the topic of water. What exactly do I need for the distillation process, and what do I need for the finishing process. A follow up, what filtration process do you all recommend. I have heard only use reverse osmosis, I've heard that this is unnecessary and overkill. Any info on what exactly I want in my water and how to get my municipal water filtered would be great. Thanks.
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