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Found 7 results

  1. I won't always have access to cold running water. So I need to be self contained. I don't mind pumping fluids around. Distillation of ethanol is occurring under vacuum. This is a falling film setup. Getting vapor at 65-70c. I need to chill a 4"x36 and 4"x24 shotgun condensers hooked in series. Both have 7x (3/4") tubes. For evaporation we have a jacketed 4"x48" column we need to heat. What are some affordable options for self contained heating and chilling? Steam generator and air to water exchanger with wort chiller? I'm hoping to reach 20-26L/hr recovery. We currently have a 5L/-40c chiller for a small condenser on another rig, but we know it's no where large enough for the upgrade.
  2. Has anyone looked into using an electric steam generator for heating their mash tun and/or still? I'm just starting to look at this option and wanted to see if anyone has experience on the matter. A boiler would be great, but I'm in a rental space in which I don't plan to stay in past 3-5 years and I'd also be responsible for installing and subsequently removing everything I alter while I occupy the space. This seems like a reasonable alternative to get the steam heating I desire and still keep my impact on the space low.
  3. Hey all, I'm currently working with a building owner to map out our space, water and power requirements. We are going to be using a Hoga Alembic still 1000L (264 gallons) and we don't think steam generator will be an option given the space and building layout. We are exploring other heating elements and wanted to get some expert advice from you fine folks on preferences/ pros-cons of inserted heating coil(s) vs. an industrial hot plate of sorts. We are also wandering what time of power input would be required for those as well as water usage rates (ie. how much to keep that condenser cool throughout a normal run)? Any advice or input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Alex
  4. I need help on calculating the surface area required for copper internal heating pipes in a 3000ltr / 800 gallon wash still design I'm working on. The pot size will be <>2000mm/1200mm - 79"/47". I'm thinking circulating thermal oil instead of steam as the easiest option for heating the still. My understanding is thermal oil runs at about 300C / 572F, with the oil being pumped through an open system (zero pressure) via a header tank. The heating side will be gas fired. Agitation will be part of the design equation, any thoughts welcome.
  5. We're currently going through an expansion and i'm sure alot of you have gone through this so I thought it might be a good question to throw out there. Boiler will be heating: 300 gallon still, one 4 plate whiskey column, one 20 vodka column plate column hybrid still one 10bbl or about 310 gallon mash tun one 17.7 bbl or 550 gallon hot liquor tank We also wanted to have room for a future stripping still or a continuous to strip. We are getting quotes on 1.3 million btu input low pressure cast iron boiler thoughts? Should we look at bigger boilers to be safe or do you think we should be fine? Thanks
  6. These Boilers were purchased by me off Craigslist for installation in my new Distillery. The Nat Gas Utility to the building is insufficient to support them so I am going a different direction to suit my needs. The Thermaflo unit originates out of an Oregon Brewery that out-grew this boiler. To the best of my knowledge it is fully functional. We have air pressure tested it and replaced the only damaged item, the condensate loop. The Burnham Independence unit came to me from Colorado Springs out of a large Victorian home. It was put into service in 2008 and was then removed last year when the home was gutted for renovation. I was told that the place sat vacant for approx 6 months. So this unit should only have about 2.5 years of service on it. We have also air pressure tested this unit and to the best of my knowledge it works just fine. $3600.00 for Both or as below. SPECIFICS: Thermaflow GSA 150N IP Steam 94 MBH 392 sq ft 150,000 BTU Input Natural Gas Steam 15 PSI Water 50 PSI Max Temp 250 Deg. F $1800.00 Burnham Independence SIN9LNIP-LED 280,000 BTU Input Natural Gas Steam 725 sq ft Steam 174,000 BTU Output Water 201,000 BTU Output $2000.00 BOTH for $3600 BUYER TO COLLECT OR ARRANGE SHIPPING AT HIS/HER EXPENSE CALL JOHN AT K J WOOD DISTILLERS,LLC 303-517-7697
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