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Found 11 results

  1. 700 NR Pressure Sensitive Labeler purchased from In-Line Packing Systems, Inc. in 2012. Upgrades we have added: Extra Tall Label Kit for labels up to 7.5 inches tall, Wrap Belt for round containers, Locking Casters. Sale Price: $35,000 Attached is brochure with all relevant information along with pictures of the unit. Please reach out to Conway Craig by email at conway@catheaddistillery.com with any questions. 700-NR Labler.pdf
  2. Looking for a semi automatic neck labeling solution to place a wrap around label on the neck of the bottle? Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Recommendations for companies that will do bottle labels with no minimum orders. Asking because they all seem to be good and I wanted to hear what companies others have used and who they like. Thanks.
  4. Does anyone have a label applicator that works well with square bottles? I have only dealt with round bottles in the past and can't find any convincing sources for one. Thanks!
  5. FOR SALE: benchMATE manual bottle labeler. $800 + Shipping from Texas (OBO). Brand new, still in the box. These go for $1100-$1200 brand new. We can't use it because we have a tapered bottle which it doesn't do so well with. email me: troy@kooperfamily.com Precision front and back labeling: BenchMATE allows you to easily set gaps on the labeler so that the front and back labels are applied consistently every time. It can be used on many bottle diameters and can be applied to each unique bottle in a distillery's assortment. Manual Lableler System labels approximately 600 containers per hour Easy to set up and use with accurate label placement Light and portable but strong and robust Compatible with single, front & back and wrap-around labels Stainless steel and anodized aluminum construction ensures accuracy Check out the specs and info here: http://www.beveragefactory.com/home_brew/bottle-labeling-equipment/BenchMATE.shtml Save yourself $300-$400 hundred bucks on a brand new labeler.
  6. Hello, I am in the final process of ordering equipment and I am trying to decide on a good manual labeler, something that I could potentially but both labels (front and back) on at the same time. I had been looking at a Race labeler, but now I am not sure what I want. Any thoughts?
  7. Is the 27 CFR the only place listing rules from the TTB? or is there another guide?
  8. I am trying to get a label approved for a flavored whiskey and its being rejected because it contains an age statement. Initially I used the wording "aged in oak barrels with whole coffee beans" and after it was rejected the first time I tried changing that to "rested in oak barrels with whole coffee beans". This was also rejected with the following additional info provided: "RESTED IN OAK BARRELS IS AN AGE CLAIM. AGE CLAIMS ARE NOT PERMITTED ON FLAVORED WHISKEY PRODUCTS PER 27 CFR 5.40 (d). PLEASE REMOVE THIS CLAIM FROM YOUR BACK LABEL TEXT" Here is the subsection they are referencing: (d) Other distilled spirits. Age, maturity, or similar statements or representations as to neutral spirits (except for grain spirits as stated in paragraph © of this section), gin, liqueurs, cordials, cocktails, highballs, bitters, flavored brandy, flavored gin, flavored rum, flavored vodka, flavored whisky, and specialties are misleading and are prohibited from being stated on any label. So my question is can anyone suggest a wording I could use that would allow me to truthfully convey to the consumer that this product has been in a used oak barrel; but at the same time not make it an age statement? Is any mention of "oak barrel" automatically a statement of age? Here are two options I am considering for my next attempt: "Infused in charred oak barrels with whole coffee beans" "infused with coffee beans and charred white oak!"
  9. I just wanted to let everyone know that we are a licensed distributor for Race labeler, and Xpressfill bottle fillers. If you looking for some equipment I'd love to work with you. I can offer discounts off the normal retail price. The reason I am selling there equipment is because we use them at our distillery and they are both great products. Take care! Joe Dehner WWW.REDBOOTSTILLS.COM 515-559-4879
  10. I want to be clear here - I'm not complaining just really confused. I desperately want to try this Hillrock Solera aged bourbon whiskey.. I was under the impression that bourbon could only be aged in new charred oak barrels and that finishing a bourbon in a non-oak/new barrel would be considered flavoring. It is finished in sherry cask, similar to Angel's Envy (port) which I also have to wonder about. Am I grossly mistaken or is this a technicality? I'd also like to know how Wilderness Trace was able to label their sorghum distillate as "rum" seeing as one of the few rum restrictions is that it can only be fermented sugar cane? Anybody have thoughts on this? Thanks in advance. NAB PS are these ocean aged spirits considered "in transport" or something? I thought all aging had to be done in a bonded area (i.e. not boats or trains)?
  11. I'm interested in selling a bottle of spirits that is offered in a box, and bundled with a pint glass. However this is not a specialty pack for the holidays, but a permanent sku I intended to offer throughout the year. I have already obtained a COLA for the label that is physically on the bottle of spirits. Is a new COLA required for the "box" the bottle and pint glass will be packed in? The bottle's label will/should be entirely visible through the window in the box, including the government warning and the bar code.... Since each state's system is different, I'm only curious about the Federal COLA regs. many thanks for your shared experience. -Scott
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