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Found 11 results

  1. Hey All, We are using a "sqround" bottle, which is to say a square bottle with tapered edges and rounded faces. Unfortunately that means our bottle does not work with hand operated, square or round labeling machines. Here is the technical specs of the bottle http://www.bruniglass.com/assets/Uploads/pdf/17291D1.pdf We are using the Bruni Contessa and I believe AAC has a similar one in the Milan. I have heard that the 105 Race RLTC SP might work but didn't have the best reviews. We are fine hand labeling until we can afford an automated line, but if anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear them. Cheers.
  2. 700 NR Pressure Sensitive Labeler purchased from In-Line Packing Systems, Inc. in 2012. Upgrades we have added: Extra Tall Label Kit for labels up to 7.5 inches tall, Wrap Belt for round containers, Locking Casters. Sale Price: $35,000 Attached is brochure with all relevant information along with pictures of the unit. Please reach out to Conway Craig by email at conway@catheaddistillery.com with any questions. 700-NR Labler.pdf
  3. Hi all, hoping the neural network can help me out here, im going nuts. I know there is a TTB form or circular somewhere that gives the rules for how to create a barrel identification string, I know it exists because i have used it before... but for the life of me, i cant find it anymore. I DID find this page: https://ttb.gov/spirits/common_compliance_tax_issues-during-audits-ds.shtml But i know there is a part where it says you use the 2 digits of the year, then letters A - L to represent which month, then the 2 digit day... but i cant find that page, nor to i remember if anything else needs to be in the string. Help? thanks
  4. We are making a 100% Corn Vodka from scratch and everyone that makes vodka from scratch knows it is a time killer. Luckily people like our vodka and as we begin to max out our production ability we are thinking of ways to stretch the quality product that we have. Our question is: If we blend our 100% Corn Vodka (55-60%) with another 100% Corn Vodka from a bigger company (40-45%) what would we have to change on our label. With straight vodka there is no Formula process so I called TTB Labeling and they sent me to Formula. No one at the TTB was much help, hopefully I can get some on the forum. Our bottle statements are: 1) 100% Corn 2) Distilled from Grain 3) Distilled and Bottle by US Thanks!
  5. Does anyone have experience with this machine? The bottle gets to label roller and the machine just puts labels on nonstop without disengaging the bottle, it just stays there and keeps spinning. The eye appears to be working correctly but might not be telling the computer to go to the next bottle and push it through. Any advice or wisdom? We have a manual but it hasn’t been helpful...thank you in advance!
  6. Semi-automatic Bench line for distillery SEMIAUTOMATIC 4 NOZZLES VACUUM FILLER - $2,640.00 OPTIONAL FILTERING - $534.00 AIR-OPERATED BENCH TOP CORKER AND CAPPER - $1,296.00 SEMIAUTOMATIC LABELLING MACHINE M2R FOR ROUND AND SQUARE BOTTLES WITH DIGITAL DSPLAY - $4,080.00 OPTIONALS: KIT FOR SQUARE BOTTLES LABELLING - $1,536.00 HOT FOIL PRINTER - $2,575.00 DOUBLE FLOOR STAINLESS STEEL BENCH - $1,944.00 Spec and pictures at : https://www.dropbox.com/s/3df58jn0y953owr/Semiautomatic bench line for spirits.pdf?dl=0
  7. http://www.piwine.com/italian-hand-held-heat-tunnel.html I found this tool to be remarkably helpful, but was wondering if anyone knew where to get it for under $400? Thanks!
  8. We have a semi-automatic Corking Machine and Labeling Line for sale. We would prefer to sell them both at the same time as they work well together but would consider selling the separately. The Corking machine is from CCR Engineering and is designed for a wide variety of T Top type corks. We purchased this machine two years ago and it has been working extremely well ever since. Because of the way it is designed it vibrates to move the corks down the line. The only maintenance we have found is that a few screws need tightened every week or so. The Corking machine was purchased new for $4750. Our labeling line was built for a round or tapered bottle. It will put front and back labels on perfectly and runs of electric and compressed air. There is also a cork strap portion of the labeling line that works but due to cork straps being difficult to adhere there always was a need for slight adjustments to the cork straps. The cork strap portion can be used or skipped if that is or is not your type of seal. The bottling line was also purchased new for $19,000. The labeling line and corking machine can handle sizes from 375ml to 1L round and slightly tapered bottles. In line with two employees we average 7 bottles per minute or a little more than 400 bottles per hour. All in we have $23,750 into these two pieces of equipment. We are asking $12,500 for the pair. If you are interested in one or the other I would break them down as follows. Corking machine $3000. Labeling Line $10,000. Call or email Dave at 614-357-1896 or dave@watersheddistillery.com . The reason for the sale is that we purchased a fully automated line but this served us well through years 4-6 of our business.
  9. I'm looking for a solid, very reliable and easy to use labeling machine that will produce quality results time and again no matter who is running it. My research has brought me to Great Engineering's Bench series of semi-automatic labelers. Is anyone using one of these machines? They have a good range of machines from the very simple manual MATE up to the foot activated MAX. They speak of limiting errors while being able to reproduce exacting applications over and over. Given the number of bottles we need to label, I think spending a little more on a high-quality labeler is a smart choice for us. I'm specifically interested in which Bench model you're using, why you chose that model over the others and if you're happy with it or have had issues. How has customer service been? Also, if you're not using Bench, which labelers are you using and would you recommend them? Thank you in advance! http://greatengineering.com/benchmax/
  10. Hello from the center of the country...beautiful Chicago! We want to spread word about our bottle decorating services - let us know in an email info@loggerheaddeco.com or call Steve at 630-488-9426 to discuss Small Batch Glass Decorating Options... High end Screen Printing with propriety printing process - Design and print all Pantone Colors Spray and Frostting - Organic or Ceramic (Fades to Full Coverage) WIndow Effects Many options - decorate your bottle just like the big brands We have stock tooling for several bottles - Rounds (lugged or non-lugged), Flat, Tapered, and Oval printing Craft Decorating is what we do! If you are in Denver for the ADI - Stop by and see us. Cheers!
  11. Not sure if anyone here is marketing gluten-free products... if you are, this might necessitate a change in how you're labelling your products: http://www.thespiritsbusiness.com/2014/02/ttb-issues-new-gluten-free-labelling-policy/
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