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  2. 600 Gallon Brand: Bridgetown Brew Systems Country: USA Direct Steam Injection ProSeries 2 HP top-mounted agitator included 15-inch hydrofoil 316SS impeller False Bottom Price: $11,999 Height: 117" Diameter: 61" Location: Providence, RI Please email doug_randall2000@yahoo.com for any specific questions
  3. 7 BBL Glacier Tanks economy mash tun – good condition Insulated, but no heat source. Direct-fire burner could be added pretty easily. Total Volume: 325.5 gallons Working Volume: 217 gallons These are going for $6840 new. Must pick up in Boulder, CO.
  4. You can reach me at andrew@tetondistillery.com for questions about any of the equipment. Additionally we are looking for 1000L Mixing Tank if anyone has one for sale. Pot Stills Equipped with double jacketed steam heating pot still, manhole, rectification column, condenser, agitator (ABB motor, gear reducer), piping and fittings. ATM. 250 Gal/1100L - $22,500 - 14ft 500 Gal/2020L - $32,900 - 16ft Column Stills Batch or continuous distillation. Can be run in split or single column design. ATM. SUS 304 Stainless Steel, 2 Condensers, 2 Rotometers, Steam Element, Stand, (Additional parts for split column) Single Column 600 L - $22,900 - 33ft 800 L - $25,600 - 40ft 1000 L - $37,600 - 40ft Split Column 600 L - $23,900 - 20ft 800 L - $26,600 - 27ft 1000 L - $38,600 - 27ft Fermentation Tanks Jacketed for cooling, SUS 304 Stainless Steel, Side manhole, CIP Cleaning Ball, Thermometer, Pressure Gauge, Sampling Port, Stand with adjustable legs, Mixer - 3 phase motor with shaft and paddle, 3 Layer 800L/928L - 7 BBL - Conical - $7,960 1200L/1330L - 10 BBL - Conical - $5600 (No motor, single layer) 1600L/1820L - 14 BBL- Conical - $10,900 3500L/3950L - 30 BBL - Conical - $17,800 3500L/3850L - 30 BBL - Sloped - $17,400 Transfer Barrels SUS 304 Stainless Steel, Wheels with brakes, Handles, Lid, Ball Valve W/ Tri-clamp 150L - $895 200L - $1095 300L - $1495 400L - $1900 Kettle/Mash Tun Jacketed with insulation layer, Steam heating, mixer and cover, ABB motor 800L/840L - $12,400 1200L/1500L - $11,800 (No motor, false bottom)
  5. Purchased both new from Trident Welding in 2014, put into service in 2015, and used a total of 89 times since then. 400 gallon stainless steel steam jacketed mash tun with sparge channels on both long sides (both fed by one 1" triclamp), rectangular manway, temp gauge, 2' triclamp drain with butterfly valve and two false bottoms. 72"L x 48"W x 36"H. Asking $5000. 2" triclamp grain-in wort chiller with temp gauges for wort in/ out and coolant in/out. Asking $4000. Please ask any questions!
  6. Our lease is about to end and we are moving into a Co-pack agreement to continue making our products. We are selling a full turn key distillery set up with delivery within 200 miles of 23704. Price $65,000. This is a great set up for an easy price with everything you need to be fully operational immediately! SS 600 gal electric mash tun/ heating elements/ agitated by a 3 in” neitsche progressive cavity pump. Moves high corn mash bills with ease. 2X3 in 6ft high temp food grade hose/ ball valves and connections to agitate mash. 3X 200gal Apollo HDPE fermenters, with cooling system. Each fermentation tank has autonomous cooling control to allow for differences in temperature from each tank with PID control and all copper piping and pumps. Fully turn key temperature control system. 3/4 in sanitary Mash transfer pump, with connections for 2 in high temp food grade transfer hoses total 45 ft. All Tri-clamp gaskets and connections. 105 gal Bain Marie SS electric still with 6 plate copper column/ dephlagamator. Plates can be removed to run as a pot still very easily, within minutes. Agitator and Bain Marie allows for grain on distillation. Old school barrel condenser with 60ft of copper coil, dephlagamator and condenser have a PID temperature controlled recirculating water system. Quarter turn ball valves mounted to condenser stand to allow for easy control of water flow/temperature. Removable copper parrot. 14 gal SS pot with temperature gauge for collection of spirit as well as proofing tank for bottling. Enolomatic 1 spout bottle filler/ actually fills very quickly. 3x50 gal HDPE drums for spirit storage and proofing/ bottling collection 12x 1 gal glass jugs for collection of finished spirits 4x30 gal black swan honeycomb barrels medium toast #4 char.brand new 1x53 gal black swan honeycomb barrel #4char medium toast. various 10 gal used barrels. Tri-clamps/reducers/ gaskets/spool peices/ measuring equipment/ graduated cylinders/ iPad to run Software to keep TTB information. Tasting room glasses of all types and sizes glencarin/martini/highball. Cocktail mixing tools etc. Clover POS system Complete turn key set up, plug and play. Also willing to help come and set up and consult on your project for an additional price. This system works great for making whisky/bourbon/gin and moonshine. Will add pictures to this post. Email skylerpittman@gmail.com for any questions. Website is Copperandoakcs.com for some pictures of equipment and tasting room. Cheers!
  7. We can do these with steam jacket or steam injected. However you prefer it. We can build this to your specs.. give us a call today for your stainless mash tuns or fermenters today. We can offer fermenters from 150 gallon to 1500 gallon. Please feel free to call us at 270-906-9595 Jerrod can help you with what ever you need. Below is a short video of a 300 gallon. More things to come soon. https://youtu.be/OgnYjc45Nls
  8. 1.5 barrel brewery barrels with 1.5 " Triclover connections and custom stand. Two boil kettles, mash tun, hot water tank. Includes valves and false bottom. $2,500. Will not ship. Must pick up in Houston area. 832-975-5407
  9. Selling a 500 gallon milk cooler for mash tun. Going with different option and need the space. Has agitator paddle but motor no longer working. Cooling bath not functional. I put it on 4x4's and added HD wheels to be able to move it around. $200 Pick-up in Detroit Metro only If interested, please email Lutz.Engmann@gmail.com
  10. Hello! Looking to start soon and trying to buy as much as possible, used. Will be checking back daily. Thanks!
  11. 200L brewhouse on skid It consists of 200L mash tun,200L kettle,200L hot water tank,all steam jacketed and insualted, plate chiller,suitable pipings and pumps and fittings connected well. FOB Ningbo price USD$17,000~USD$18,000. If you want more details,welcome to contact me at any time. Daeyoo Tech. Co.,Ltd. Wenzhou (Brewing and Distilling manufacturer) Website:http://www.dayuwz.com/ Email: daey010@dayuwz.com Facebook ID: pennyj2011@msn.cn Cell:+86-18966261388 Wechat(most popular chatting software in China): pennyjiang2005 NOTE: You can add Facebook group"DYE distilling and brewing Platform" to see more updates of our brewing or distilling equipments.
  12. Sailor


    Hi! I would like to purchase a 100 gallon, 3 phase electric , bain marie mash tun. Any information will be appreciated. Thank You Bernie
  13. I have a full almost turn key distilling equipment package that has never been run brand new out of the box for sale that includes the following items: -150 Gallon Artisan Still with 4 plate column -300 Gallon Artisan Mash Tun -(4) 300 Gallon custom made cypress open top fermentors -(1) 75 Gallon custom made cypress yeast tank - 20HP Columbia boiler with blow down tank as well as feed water tank -(4) stainless steel collection tanks -5HP Columbia boiler Why wait for months to have your still built when you can get what you need now our plans changed so if your going into or expanding your distilling business here is a great opportunity to get what you need for a great price and no waiting. I prefer to sell this as a package but will consider breaking it up for the right price. Its not often that an opportunity like this comes around to be able to have the equipment you need without waiting months to have it built, so if your in the market act fast so you don't miss out. Once the deal is signed ill send all the serial numbers so you can get right on having the equipment permitted so not to have any delays and you can be in production ASAP. The buyer is responsible for all shipping and handling charges that is not included in the price of the equipment. The equipment in located in Kinston, NC and invite anyone interested to come by our facility if your in the area to check it out with your own eyes. Whole Package $150,000 obo!! Pictures available upon request please feel free to contact me with serious questions or offers Lee@sugarhillgrain.com CHEERS Y'ALL
  14. 3000liter New still is in stock,which can be used for making vodka,gin,whiskey,brandy,rum,tequila etc. steam heated,gin basket,4 whisky plates,24 vodka plates,3 spirits tank,CIP cleaning pipes and CIP pump etc. UL certificate and explosion proof motor $130,000 ready to be shipped at any time. (By the way,7*3000liter fermenter with agitator, 1*3000liter mash/lauter tun with agitator , 6*10000liter wine fermenter with agitator are also in stock.) Please contact me at daey0013@dayuwz.com if any interests.
  15. Does anyone have a 400 gallon mash tun or similar and is able to tell me what the weight is while empty? I know manufacturers will provide specs, but I just need a ballpark right now.
  16. Hello all I know there have been other discussion threads talking about stripping in a mash tun. I have a 4000 L mash and a 1300 L Kothe hybrid still. Right now, we are finding that our stripping runs are one of the weak links in increasing production. We have done some preliminary investigation on modifying our mash to become a stripping still of considerable size. Does anyone out there have specific experience with this size of Still/tank? Or does anyone have specific experience with this brand.? Any advice you could provide would be much helpful! Thank you all in advance, jeremiah
  17. Up for auction August 16th, no reserve, Bigiron.comhttp://www.bigiron.com/Lots/StainlessSteelMashTankAdditional Pictures of the mashtun not on Big Iron are here... https://goo.gl/photos/7FUDdubbo2MCN3929 One picture says "leaks", that refers to the old freon coil, not product in the tank.This Mash tun could ship on a pallet LTL making shipping to most places inexpensive.Sam Spilker, owner, ph # 402-798-7445, spilkersam@gmail.com. Spilker Ales, 300 W 4th st, Cortland, NE 68331 Mash tun 13 to 15 bbl mash tun,(410 gallons), liquify & pump spent malt discharge(or just scoop it if you prefer), 47”w, 55”l, 45.5” h outside dimensions, 1-1.5” bevel outlet, 3” TC malt discharge outlet, “strainmaster” type false bottom(stainless steel pipes with slits cut on the underside of the pipes), manual stir in. No lids on tank, but can give you a flat S.S. lid if you desire. currently using food grade tarp material. Everything is Frankenbrew type components. Typically I would get 29.4--30.2 PPG(specific gravity points per gallon per pound of grain) for efficiency, or in other lingo 80% efficiency. It also mashes smaller batches (3 to 10 bbls) efficiently. This tun will come with a sight glass for flow and an outlet valve, style of your choosing.
  18. Hi Guys, We are a still equipment manufacturer. We can customize the still (≥50liter capacity) according to your budget and needs. Our still can be used for making vodka,whiskey,brandy,gin,rum or other distilled spirits. Here are some photos of 600L vodka still and 300L gin still we made for customers. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=446963235656853&set=pcb.446964348990075&type=3&theater https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=446963365656840&set=pcb.446964348990075&type=3&theater 600L vodka still: $65000/unit. steam heated copper interior copper helmet copper distillation column stainless steel dephlegmator,condenser and storage tanks CIP cleaning system 300L gin still: $19000/unit. steam heated copper interior copper helmet More details can be discussed and contact me at daey0013@dayuwz.com.
  19. Four open-top, 800-liter (211 gallons), French-oak mash tuns from Tonnellerie Rousseau are now available. Have been used successfully for many malt and grain mashes, but they have been replaced with larger fermenters. https://www.tonnellerie-rousseau.com/ These are clean, water-tight and ready to be put to work in your mash house. A full 1.5 inches thick with heavily galvanized hoops! $3200.00 for all four, or 1000.00 per piece. Ships from Dayton, Washington 99328. Thoroughly shrink-wrapped and palletized prior to shipment. Call 'The Proof Prof,' Rusty Figgins, and reserve these handsome mash vessels today! 206.497.7554
  20. I am selling a 660 gallon Distillery Mash Tun produced by Artisan Still Design:- 2500L- Steam jacketed - Extra ports for steam injection if desired* - Bottom mounted 3 HP, 3 phase electric motor for the agitator- several ports on top for both CIP and fill water inlet - 16" man-way- 3" drainThis MT is already disconnected and available for immediate pick up. See the attached cut sheet.Located in Kansas City. It's been used only several times. Asking $25k. Buyer responsible for shipping. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have. Thank you!*We didn't want to use the steam injection so we had them capped but I still have the sparge tubes.2500L MASH TUN Marked Up.pdf
  21. Looking to buy a 55 - 60 gallon direct heat mash tun with a false bottom. Looking for price range $600-$800, would accept used if in good or better condition.
  22. SOLD We are currently in the process of switching our distillation equipment to focus more on our farm and micro-malting facility instead of contract distilling. This equipment would be an incredible package for contract distilling, a distillery looking to expand, or a winery/distillery. Individual equipment prices are listed below. The entire package is listed at. We will consider any and all offers. Please feel free to PM, reply, or email adam.stumpf (at) stumpysspirits.com with any questions or for pics. - Continuous Column Still - 40 plate continuous column still that includes boiler with steam heat exchanger, wash pre-heater, 2 columns, condenser, and piping. The still is broken up into 2 15' columns that are 12" in diameter to save on ceiling height. Still has ability to fractionate. Still is currently being used to strip low wines. Stripping 8% wash at 25+ gallons per hour of distillate at ~110 proof. Still was previously used to run apple brand and produced 15 gallons per hour of 160 proof hearts. Pressure relief valve, pressure gauge, and thermos included. - 650 Gallon Pot Still w/ 5 Plate Column - Heated via steam coil. Pneumatic agitator. 4" bottom drain and 2" side drain. Copper dephlegmator at top of column. All stainless construction. Column has structured copper mesh. Also have copper sheet to place behind steam coils for spirit runs. Will include ~75 lb of copper sheet with the still. Comes with 3 condensers. Currently running small 316 stainless condenser that does just fine. Also have 2 larger 304 condensers. Capable of hitting vodka proof in 3 runs.Still outfitted with pressure relief valve, pressure gauge, and thermos. - 1,000 Gallon Mash Tun - 1,000 Gallon Pfaudler tank with 2hp 220 3 phase agitator. 6" drain reduced to 4" reduced to 1.5". Steam jacket. Cooling jacket. Hinged lid. Ladder. CIP ball. As bottom supports for false bottom (false bottom not included). On mild steel stand. - 950 Gallon Variable Capacity Fermenter - Spokane Industries tank. Variable capacity lid w/ good gasket. Air lock, 2" bottom drain, 2" fill port, thermowell w/ thermometer, aeration port, sample port, sloped bottom, dimpled cooling jacket. Stainless construction and sits on mild steel stand. - 800 Gallon Fermenter - Stainless construction with stainless legs. Hinged lid, CIP ball, dished bottom, 1.5" drain, side mounted prop agitator (no motor included), single wall. - Mash Cooling System - Kiesel SP 12 Eccentric Screw Pump, 16' 4" high temp hose, 2 8' sections 4" high temp hose, 2 5' 4" shell in tube heat exchangers - 1,500 Gallon Pasco Poly Tanks - I have 2 of these. Have top and bottom stainless manways as well as 3" and 1.5" tri clamp ports. - GAI 500 Rotary Filler - SOLD - OMB ET 1500 Pressure Sensitive Labeler - SOLD
  23. I have a brewcraft 27 gallon tippy dump set up. It is great for creating recipes for larger distillations. It is a great little set up for brewing beer too. I am asking $3500 for the set up.
  24. We're up-sizing and need to find room for new equipment, so we're selling our old mash tun. We paid $25,00 for it three years ago, we're asking for $18,000.00 but we'll entertain any reasonable offers. Item is located in Santa Fe, NM, buyer will have to arrange and pay for shipping. Here's a lovely picture of what it looks like sideways though we recommend using it in an upright position. This mash tun has made some award winning whiskey for us, it can do the same for you! If you want more details or are interested in making an offer please contact gabe@santafespirits.com or call us at 505-467-8892. 15-bbl Mash/Lauter Tun For Sale For sale is a Crawford Brewing Systems 15-bbl mash/lauter tun. Ported for 1 1/2" TC, except grist hydrator at 4" TC. 7'6" tall, 7'8" wide at bottom manway.
  25. For sale is a Crawford Brewing Systems 15-bbl mash/lauter tun. We paid $25,000 for it three years ago but now need to upsize. The first $18,000 or reasonable offer takes it. Ported for 1 1/2" TC, except grist hydrator at 4" TC. 7'6" tall, 7'8" wide at bottom manway. Located in Santa Fe, NM 87507. Buyer to arrange shipping. Please contact me at gabe@santafespirits.com
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