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Found 7 results

  1. Hello- We have for sale a StillDragon 500L bain-marie kettle with mixer. It comes with a brand new 8" copper bubble cap column( 4 plates) w/dephleg and 6" X 48" condenser and stand $15,000 firm plus buyer pays for shipping and crating. FOB Muskegon, Michigan Thanks for looking!
  2. Hello ADI! There was a lot of interest in our machine at the last ADI conference. For those of you that didn't see it, here it is: Contact us through our website detroitstillworks.com for more info. We look forward to hearing from you.
  3. Apologies for the "repost". I'm wondering if someone can help me better understand the following for Michigan. Let's say the COGS is $10.00. Let's say the Wholesale Price is $15.54. If I understand the math right, the Base Price is $25.64. For bottle sales from the tasting room, I'd owe 12% on the Base Price ($3.08). The Minimum Retail Price is $30.00. So my profit per bottle is $30 - $3.08 - $10.00. Is this correct? If I use a bottle of mine for mixed drinks from the tasting room do I just owe the federal ($2.14) and state taxes ($3.08) on it?
  4. Hey All! We're working on our First ADA distributor contract. An ADA in Michigan is an Authorized Distribution Agent. They are the only people we can sell to and use to distribute our product. This particular ADA also functions as a broker and helps sell / promote the product. That is while you'll see those numbers split out. As we navigate this, we'd love some feedback and are willing to share some numbers to benefit the whole. As an ADA -Michigan’s term for an Authorized Distribution Agent ie.. Distributor Delivery Charge $10.00 per case ($7.50 paid to supplier by the MLCC with supplier paying an additional $2.50 to ADA Monthly Storage Fee $0.20 per case per Month (For product older than 90 days) Special Handling Charge $0.75 per case (i.e. handling, repackaging, labeling, coding, returns) As a Broker Commission - 10% per 9L(12 btl) case. Bonus of - 5% per 9L case above X volume. I see the ADA Fee's being in the right ballpark, but maybe a little high. As for Broker Fee's, It seems high. Is anyone else seeing this high of a fee?
  5. Hey everyone, Starting a new distillery in Kalamazoo, MI called Green Door Distilling Company. Been reading on the forum for the past couple days and finally figured it was time to post on here. It's been great to read up on some topics and get some input from everyone. Looking forward to joining the distilling world. Best. Jon Good Green Door Distilling Company. 429 E. North St. Kalamazoo, MI 49007 (517) 945-1461
  6. Hi all, My name is Dave and I'm addicted to distillery operations. I live in Michigan and am working toward opening a small distillery. We have fairly liberal state laws regarding 'small distilleries' here, but we still need to navigate the TTB stuff. I've been developing my product by learning what I can about fermenting to create a consistently decent mash - so far sugar mash, apple wine and grain mashes have worked pretty well. Then the mash is distilled at contract distilleries to make vodka, whisky and apple brandy. My goal at the moment is consistency so I'm designing repeatable processes. Previously I owned a contract engineering company which I grew to $3 million in 5 years. For a lot of reasons I then went to $0 in the next 5 years. Since then I've been looking for something that keeps my interest and gives me the satisfaction of business ownership. I've been interested in distillery operations for a few years and this year things started to fall into place. My qualifications are diverse but not too deep in any one thing. I design aircraft engine parts in my current job. I'm pretty good at plant layout and automation. I'm very experienced with marketing and sales operations. And I know how to run a small business. Oh yeah, and I love liquor. I have a route to financing and am writing a 5-page business plan now. I have a lot to learn but I'm going to register with the TTB in early 2014 and want to have my doors open by September. I'm here for knowledge and advice and will be happy to share my experience with anyone who's interested. Any other Michiganders who want to get together and kick the ball around, let me know. Thanks
  7. Hello all! Just trying to get a handle on the start-up,in Michigan, for a craft distillery. I have heard, from a distiller in Northern Michigan, that there are very strict advertising and market rules that apply.He said he can not even wear his distillery tshirt at local events like beer tents! Does anyone know where a list of these rules can be found? Anyone want to share their story of the good/bad/ugly business of advertising/marketing ? Cheers! SHinDig
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