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Found 19 results

  1. Everything you need to start your own distillery. We have had this system for only 2 years and have outgrown it. Would love to see it land in a good home for a start-up distillery. I will even offer to train and consult on your mash bill if that is of interest. Asking $25,000 (OBO) FOB for the entire system: Included in system: 26 Gallon, 12 plate rectifying Hillbilly Still and 5500 Watt control box 26 Gallon, 12 plate rectifying Mile Hi Still and 5500 Watt control box 50 Gallon, 4 inch stripping Hillbilly Still and 11,000 Watt control box (2) stainless steel charcoal filters (1) stainless steel filter housing/bottling unit (20) 55 gallon poly fermentation drums (8) 300 gallon food grade cubes Extra clamps, gaskets, lab equipment too! Pictures available (continually getting errors attempting to upload on this post) with serious inquiries at ben@lifeofreilley.net
  2. Hi all, I'm new to this forum and I'm new to distillation so, first of all I want to say thanks to every one for the help, and sorry for the (maybe) stupid questions. I write from Italy (sorry for my bad english) and I have to say that it is very difficult for me to find some info on moonshine distillation seen that in my country grappa is the only traditional distillate. Last week I prepared my first 5 gallons mash (20l) with 7.7 pounds corn (3.5Kg) and 2.2 pounds malted barley (1Kg) and I'm now waiting the end of the fermentation. For the distillation I'll use a 2.5 gallons (10l) pot still so I'll have to distillate my wash in 2 rounds. Searching on internet I found a lot of information on how to make cuts, but the topic is still not very clear to me. Someone base his cuts on distillate ABV, some others on the temperature, some others on both so my question is: Can I base my cuts only on temperatures of the vapours? If yes, at which temperature should I make the cuts for foreshots, heads, heart and tails? My idea is: - discard everything below 181°F (83°C) as foreshots - collect everything between 181°F and 190°F (88°C) as heads in different jars and then decide if discard everything or if mix something with the heart - collect everything between 190°F and 203°F (95°C) as heart in different jars and then decide if keep everything or discard something - collect everything between 203°F and 212°F (100°C) as tails Can it be correct? Another question is: Is it mandatory to make a double distillation, or can I run only one distillation making the cuts and put my moonshine in the jars as final product? Thanks again for your help!
  3. I'm trying to sell the following distillery equipment located on the Tennessee/North Carolina border. I inherited it and want to sell it for cash. Buyer responsible for shipping. Set up assistance available: The kettle here is an 800 gallon; all stainless, jacketed steamer, feeding a 6''x14' plate and Pall ring column. The column is cooled by 3/8''x10' copper dephlegmator. The condenser is a combination Leighbig and copper coil. The distillery is heated buy a Hurst boiler retro fitted to a Vestal wood stove. All pressure and temperature gauges are analog, "dial". The condenser and dephlegmator can run either chilled water or glycol. There is 5000 gal. fermentation capacity, all stainless, "dairy", and 1000 gal. catch capacity. Again, all stainless, "dairy". Stainless pumps and filters handle finished product. It has been used to produce moonshine. The distillery is capable of producing 80 to 120 gallons of finished product per day, all at a fraction of the cost of a similarly capable operation. Asking price is $25,000 or best offer for EVERYTHING- Kettle, 4 cylinder tanks, 4 open top tanks. Set up and limited transportation available for additional fee. Link to photos & video: Pictures: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AiUXXkVHtUnmgP9uhFnq29i_5-TDCQ Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQucGIDe06g
  4. There seems to be a lot of opinion around this, so we thought we would open ourselves to your abuse. Perhaps this way our other posts can be consider on their own merit. Fire away.
  5. Hey Distillers, In the next month we will have two new 750 ml Mason style jars available. Meet the new Jim Henry & Mayberry Jars made here in the US! In the image below the 750 ml Mayberry is the second bottle from the left of the 25 oz Mason jar (old mould) which is there to show the difference in height and style. The bottle to the right of the Mayberry is the Jim Henry which is slightly different as it has concave sides for ease of holding. The last bottle is the 50 ml Mayberry, but to have it made I need to generate some numbers to justify the minimum run as it will be made to order so if you are looking for a really nice nip bottle for moonshine then let me know and I will see if I can get a production date. If anyone needs further information please get in touch with me. Cheers, Shawn shawn@wmrhill.com
  6. Hey distillers - here is another new Mason style jar which is 4-5 months out from production, but for those distilleries that are still in the planning process this would make a great package to get your moonshine product noticed. Please get in touch with me if you would like more information. Cheers, Shawn shawn@wmrhill.com
  7. Distillery for Sale Clayton, GA This is a fully functioning Distillery located at the corner of a major 4 lane highway with access from North and South bound traffic via a paved county road. The business features state of the art equipment including, but not limited to (2) independent Stainless Steel double walled distillation setups; (1) 300 Gallon Still w/60 gallon thump & copper condenser: (1) 150 Gallon Still w/30 gallon thump & copper condenser. The property includes (3) buildings, sf. is approx. 4000 sf distillery, 1500 sf tasting room, and a 1500 sf grain grinding and storage building. Business includes land, buildings, equipment, recipes, contacts, trademarks, signage, website, and limited training time. Full equipment list available. Call Laws Realty today! (706) 968-4988
  8. We are looking for a head distiller in Arizona. We are a local restaurant and brewery that is adding a distillery. We are licensed and have two small craft stills. We have three products we are looking to produce and also have some room to play. Please send your resume and salary requirements to jon@ohsodistillery.com Please check out our locations at ohsobrewery.com Cheers, Jon
  9. Hey Distillers, If you are interested in adding a 50ml Mason jar to your moonshine line, please let me know as we will soon have this jar in stock. If anyone needs further information please get in touch with me. Cheers, Shawn shawn@wmrhill.com
  10. Marketing Myth #5: Marketing and Advertising are the same thing... Also, the Featured Distilleries for this week's blog are Dawsonville Moonshine Distillery and Copperworks Distilling Company! Read all about it here: http://www.fuelevents.net/#!fuel-blog/c22sz Thanks for your continued support, ADI! Jen & Erika, Fuel NW
  11. 300 Gallon cypress tank / Worm for Hi Ridge Distillery in Alabama. 1.25" US copper worm and parrot, paul-csa confederatestills.com New Compressed (zipped) Folder.zip
  12. 300 Gallon Cypress tank with 1.25" copper worm-100' of US made copper. Parrot is also 1.25" with heads & tails drain. Tank has 2" center overflow return drain, 1.5" main tank drain, 1/2" cooling water inlet to feed ring, 3/8" copper vent to parrot, Tank will sit on a HD 4'x4' stand which is already built and waiting in Alabama. paul-csa confederatestills.com
  13. The above Mason style bottle/jar will be produced by Piramal Glass the end of February. If you have been looking for a true 750ml size jar for your Moonshine products then this is it! Get in touch with me if you would like more information. Cheers, Shawn shawn@wmrhill.com
  14. Hi Folks, United Bottles & Packaging, first production of a 750ml Jug with a finger ring will take place in mid-October. This first production will be in Amber. The mouth finish is 38mm CT. Made in the USA. Priced at $0.74/each in bulk pallets of 1470 jugs. Price for prepack will be advertised later. We are looking at having a sample run for a few of them in flint to send out. Looking forward to your questions and request,
  15. A new chapter began yesterday in the story of Tennessee’s whiskey making heritage when three living legends of moonshine making signed a deal to bring over 100 years of backwoods experience to Short Mountain Distillery.
  16. repost from a while back Hi, I am researching the possibility of purchasing a small quanity of personalized product for my retail store. I have particular interest in corn whiskey, bourbon & vodka in that order and would prefer a low price-point for my customer base (seasonal area). In an ideal world in would be a mixture of the above for a total of 10-20 cases and a NY product. If this need matches any member resources please let me know. Feel free to contact me on the Adirondack Moonshine facebook page. Bill
  17. Hello, We have a new 32 oz Growler mould which was originally planned for the microbrewery market and unfortunately we can't get an amber color production until March 2013, but we do have an opportunity to run it in flint if there is any interest out there? I don't have a picture or sample just yet as the mould is going to be sampled in the coming days. I do a have a PDF drawing but can't upload it here so if you would like to see the PDF drawing then drop me an email. The Growler will look exactly like the one in the picture below (64 oz) except it will be half the size and also be in flint. I'm not sure if there would be a use in the distillery marketplace for this sized jug, but if so it would make a great moonshine jug. Cheers, Shawn shawn@wmrhill.com Update: The test samples look great - please see the picture of the 32 oz flint growler below:
  18. Hi everyone, We are excited to offer to the craft distillery market a new 375ml Moonshine jug that is available in a Bar Top and also a 28mm Screw top finish. This bottle is made by Piramal Glass here in the USA and it is ready to ship to you anywhere in the country! If you need samples or pricing, please contact me at any time at the numbers below. I have attached a PDF drawing of the Bar Top bottle for you to check out, but for some reason the Screw top wouldn't upload for me - so if you need please let me know and I will email it to you. Cheers, Shawn Kelly Wm. R. Hill & Co. 4500 E. Main Street Richmond, VA 23231 P 910.399.1846 I C 910.620.9921 WmRHill.com 375ml Moonshine Jug.pdf
  19. A new chapter began yesterday in the story of Tennessee’s whiskey making heritage when three living legends of moonshine making signed a deal to bring over 100 years of backwoods experience to Short Mountain Distillery.
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