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Found 11 results

  1. Hi All, I'm just reaching out to see what the interest would be in bulk sales of New York produced NGS and Vodka. This would be made with 100% New York grain, and 100% New York Malt. This can be made to any specification you may have, And any recipe you may have. Being as it's 100% NY made, with 100% NY grain, This would allow NY distilleries to keep their Farm Distillery exemption. Thank you in advance. Nik
  2. We are making a 100% Corn Vodka from scratch and everyone that makes vodka from scratch knows it is a time killer. Luckily people like our vodka and as we begin to max out our production ability we are thinking of ways to stretch the quality product that we have. Our question is: If we blend our 100% Corn Vodka (55-60%) with another 100% Corn Vodka from a bigger company (40-45%) what would we have to change on our label. With straight vodka there is no Formula process so I called TTB Labeling and they sent me to Formula. No one at the TTB was much help, hopefully I can get some on the forum. Our bottle statements are: 1) 100% Corn 2) Distilled from Grain 3) Distilled and Bottle by US Thanks!
  3. Does anyone know where I can source GNS (grain neutral spirits) made from rice? Preferably a US manufacturer.
  4. I'm wondering if any Guilds out there differentiate between 'distillers' who are buying NGS or pre-aged barrels, then bottling & claiming to be a 'craft distiller'. We're proud to produce grain-to-bottle, and feel that the 'craft distiller' label (and therefore entry into a Guild) should be reserved for those who are actually practicing the craft. Our state Guild doesn't seem to care. Thoughts?
  5. Does anyone have any knowledge of a specific part of the DSP application process that is specifically related to GNS or NGS? One of our owners spoke with a gentlemen during a distillery tour and he mentioned something about a specific permit from the feds when using GNS. I talked with a rep from the TTB today, and she didn't seem to be aware of this, and mentioned that if using GNS as well as mashing from scratch (we plan to use both techniques at different stages), that we may have to apply for the permit as both a beverage and an industrial permit? Does that sound right? Does anyone have an answer for this or some insight? It doesn't seem to make a whole lot of sense that we would need to apply as an for an industrial permit if we are simply purchasing GNS and then making GIN by running it through our stills with the additives. Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers, Curt
  6. Sailor


    Hello I am hoping to open a new distillery in New Yor State in the near future and I am wondering if there is a source of GNS that satisfies the New York State 75% Rule. Thank You
  7. This July I will have approximately 300 PG of blueberry distillate available for sale. As long as I know in advance, I can distill to whatever proof you desire, anywhere from 80-190+ proof. $25 per proof gallon, First come, first serve. FOB Columbia, Illinois 62236. Thanks, Adam
  8. I have contacted at least 2 still manufacturers who have told me I could not make Vodka from grain with a multi-plate (6 or 7) reflux still, unless I was starting with Neutral Grain Spirit. What I don't understand is don't you have to cut the NGS down below 50% to run it through to make Vodka? Shouldn't a reflux still be able to handle a 50% output? Thank you for answering my noob questions.
  9. This is my first post so I hope it hasn't been covered before. If so please point me in the right direction. I have a question regarding 192 and 200 proof NGS. I realize a majority of Vodkas now days comes from NGS. I've noticed in sampling different brands of Vodka in a Head to head taste test they are distinctly different as far as burn and taste and I know for a fact the ones I'm comparing start out as NGS. If 200 proof is considered 100% and 192 proof is 96% which I'm assuming a majority of these distilleries use. Where are the major differences in burn, taste, etc. figured into the equation. Is it still necessary to polish 200 proof or 192 proof with activated carbon to further eliminate burn or is it related to oxygenation or something else? I'm just trying to understand what is done differently in some of these vodkas to take a little more of the bite out of them when they appear to come from the same NGS suppliers. Thanks for the help.
  10. We are looking for NGS supplies does anyone have recommendations of people that have worked with? We are in the Seattle area so closer the better Thanks Craig
  11. We are looking for NGS supplies does anyone have recommendations of people that have worked with? We are in the Seattle area so closer the better Thanks Craig
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