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Found 10 results

  1. I use pot still to make distillation . Head finished 83%, hearts 79% end. How could you get lower degree than I collected by using flute still. I dont get it, could you answer me... My Calculation cuts: %14 head, %65 hearts ex:7:25 chapter: Thanks...
  2. For sale is an electric 275 gallon charge capacity pot/stripping still. The pot itself if 16 gauge stainless steel with a 13” manway (Dimensions of pot are below). There are no plates or baffles within the copper column. The dephlegmator has ¾” NPT ports for water lines. At the top of the column is a 1.5” Tri clamp 3” temperature gauge. The Lyne arm leaving the column is 2” copper ending in a 2” copper tri clamp fitting meeting the ss shotgun condenser. The still runs off (3) 5500 watt elements, however we recommend the addition of several elements to decrease heatup and run times. Without packing the still averages a run proof of 120 depending on how fast it’s ran. We’ve used the still for 9 months and have outgrown it’s capacity. This is ideal for a making gin from neutral spirits or dedicating as a gin still. Still is hand made and shows some character. Great for a work-horse in the DSP. For offers,pictures and any questions email Jon at jon@gddistilling.com or pm. Still is located in Southern Michigan and available in June of 2017. Local pickup preferred, able to arrange shipping if necessary. Asking $2,500 Details: Diameter of Pot: 41” Height of pot to shoulder: 51” Height from floor to column flange: 69” Height of column: 62” Column Diameter: 8” Overall unit height: 131” Still is on 4 casters for easy mobility. Agitator Specs: Explosion proof 1hp 115/230volt geared down to ~75rpm. 40” shaft and (2) 14” impellers.
  3. Hi, we have a pot still and are distilling on the grain and we've noticed a silver metallic build-up that will occur after just one run of our 250 gal still. Does anyone have any experience with this? Otherwise the quality of the spirit seems good, but because our still is 1/2 the size of our fermenters it would be ideal if we could prevent this so we don't have to break down and clean between every stripping run. Other spirits (apple brandy and gin) have been run through with no similar problems. I've attached a picture of the lyne arm after a single run. We suspect there may have been some carry over, but we know there was none in the second run and we had the same problem, despite a thorough cleaning of the still. Thanks, Eli
  4. Hi, We have a 4 plate 330 gallon new Still for sale. This is new and we have another we are using for our needs. Column is Copper with 4 bubble cap plates. All 4 plates have bypass valves plus built in CIP This is oil jacket, electric heat SS jacket. Has magnetic temp control computer, i.e. you set the desired temperatures and it'll automatically adjust water flow to maintain perfect and consistent temp for consistent proof of spirits. $44K is below what we paid, Freight shipping included in U.S. Dimensions: 12'7" height, 5'26" width, 11'8" length. Having trouble uploading Pictures. Email me for pics: jecakes@yahoo.com
  5. 2 copper pots of 2000 liters each (antiques and artisanal copper vessels) Ideal for infusions & maceration of gin botanicals - Heating method: steam - Artisanal fabrication with copper (thickness 8 mm) - Origin: Argentina - Price: usd 20.000 dollaras - FOB Mendoza/Argentina
  6. For sale UNIQUE 3 antiques pot still. Full alembics 100% artisanal fabrication. Antiques from 1936 (old school fabrication) - Charentais system (French) Capacity: 1250 liters Origin: Argentina - Mendoza Province Price: 30.000 dollars (each set of three componnets: alembic pot, preheater and condenser) -FOB Price
  7. Looking for a pot still. Direct fire or bain maire. No column. Would prefer about 1000 liter in size with agitator and CIP. All copper. Our ideal setup would be a Charentais alembic.
  8. We have a 250 Liter Kothe Electric Still for sale (No Boiler Required). We purchased the still in late 2010 and have recently upgraded to a larger version. It is available for purchase today. Here is what is included: 250 Liter Pot with 3/4 HP agitator (agitator was replaced in 2013) Column on top has 3 bubble trays and a dephlegmator Side Condenser is wrapped decoratively in copper Under the condenser is an insulated tank for storing hot water which can be used in conjunction with the provided pump for CIP Spray wand in the pot and spray balls in all the bubble trays 3 - 15KW heating elements (wired for 208V 3PH power) Electric Thermostatic control panel that can lock in the temperature to a tenth of 1 degree F $55,000 FOB Columbus, Ohio. We will break down and palletize for shipment upon request or available for local pickup, Call Dave @ 614-357-1896 with questions or email at dave@watersheddistillery.com Picture (the still on the left is what we are selling) http://drinkupcolumbus.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/watershed-distillery.jpg
  9. I am fairly new to the distilling industry although I have been well versed in the consumption end for many years. I have been distilling for about a year and a half and one thing I have not seen much information on is pot temperature. I would like to get some views on how quickly you bring your wash up to temperature, what temperature, and what you hold it at or let it slowly increase as product plays out. I know the still has a lot to do with this and whether you are using a jacketed pot with steam or oil v/s electric or gas heat. I thought a thread on this would be useful to explore what people are doing. Thanks in advance for your insights.
  10. This still will be available ***April 2014*** when our new still arrives. Here are the details... Vendome 250 Gallon charge Pot Still 17" Dia Pot Mount Column with Four bubble cap trays and four sightports Two top mounted and one side mounted Condensers Brawn 208-230/460V 3 Phase 1/2HP Agitator Includes CIP system (tank, pump, and nozzles in head/pot) Still will be cleaned, disassembled, palletized, and boat-wrapped 50% down to hold until April. The additional 50% will be due before shipment. $75,000 Firm FOB Columbus, OH Call or email Dave with serious inquiries only please 614-357-1896 or dave@watersheddistillery.com
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