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Found 9 results

  1. There's a bit of re-working due to space limitations in our distillery and our mill is being relocated off-site. The plan is to hand load milled grain bags (50 lb sacks) into the mash tun. Yes, up the ladder and into the top of the 15 bbl tank. In the existing on-site mill room, which is being de-constructed, there is an exhaust fan which could be re-positioned about 4 feet. Thoughts on hand loading grain other, than that's a lot of physical work? I'm concerned about the sparking and approval.
  2. Inside the production area containing fermentation tanks, 1000L still and 2000L still is a set of stairs downstairs to the boiler room/bathroom/storage area (steel door separation at bottom of stairs). An engineer was concerned about the settling of CO2 in the bottom of the stairwell. The stairwell is on an outside wall. Best way to manage this? My intention was to put a CO2 sensor in that area.
  3. So, we have stills (700 Gallon Stripping/300 Gallon Hybrid Pot Still), a boiler, fermentation tanks, a diaphragm pump, a small bottling line and an RO system. But really, that’s all we have at this point. We’re going to be primarily focused on whiskey production. I’m a very recent (about a month) crossover from the brewing world and have set up quite a few breweries in the past, but this isn’t very similar in my experience thus far. I could literally set up a brewery in no time, but I feel like I’m struggling here a bit with the task of identifying everything we need. If anyone has any time,
  4. Hey Everyone, I recently started Good Spirits Consulting LLC in order to help distilleries nationwide. Specializing in just about anything under a distillery's roof, we're eager to help. Check out our website for more info (web address below). Get in touch with us and tell us how we can help. Cheers! Jordan Stielow www.GoodSpirits.rocks
  5. Saving water is critical in my neck of the wood-less woods. Of course we also want to design-in efficiency for time and energy use heating and cooling water. So, need some help/advice for the following: Considering using a tankless water heater pulling from a source tank of pre-filtered, pre-conditioned water to pre-heat mash water to 110 to 120 degrees. This then saves steam boiler time to heat to mashing temps. Considering a return tank to store heated condenser water. This heated water can be used for the CIP process, with the remainder cooled down overnight to return to t
  6. I am selling a used "Shell and tube condenser" instant hot water heater manufactured by Jet-Vac. This hot water heater is steam powered off your boiler and allows you to make unlimited amounts of hot water up to 211 degrees at up 30GPM. It is big, about 6~7 feet tall and all stainless. Built in 1994 the nameplate says it is rated to 30 GPM. It was included with my boiler when I bought it (15hp Fulton) but I don't need it. I've seen it in operation but have not used it myself. The outside insulation jacket is cracked and split in a couple of places from moving it around. Included are the NTP fl
  7. We were discussing a hypothetical situation today and I thought I would throw it out here to get everybody else's thoughts. We were wondering if a situation arose in which you purchased a finished product through a domestic company that originated in a foreign country, would it fall into column C or D of part IV on the production report? For example: Lets say a distillery was going out of business. They had imported some Russian vodka to sell and you wanted to purchase their remaining stock to sell it. I a wondering how this transaction would need to look in the eyes of the TTB. Is colu
  8. I looked for this topic but didn't find exactly what I was looking for- wondering if anyone has any experience. What we're trying to do: Get away from pre cooked corn flakes and use standard corn instead. We have a mash tun that is double jacketed so it can cook it. Equipment- 15 barrel mash ton with with false bottom and extra large heating jacket, 15 barrel fermenters, 200 gallon still with steam coils (so we can't distill on the grain) If we want to cook corn in the mash tun (it's 20% the cost of pre cooked corn), what can we do to cook the corn so it will still lauter? Rice hulls yes
  9. Brand Kreyer Item Description Glycol Chiller/Heater 4.4 Ton Model Number MCK110 This unit was acquired new one year ago and was never used. Asking $11,000. ($14,480 MSRP). Description: · Stainless steel, on casters · Compressor 6 kW, heater 3 kW; pump 1.44 kW · Digital thermostat controller for target temperature · Refrigerant R410A · Liquid tank: 110 L capacity; with level control sensor · Empty weight of chiller: 200 kg · Dimensions: 715 x 715 x 1375 mm · With two glycol hoses to connect to an exte
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