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Found 24 results

  1. Have a Jabsco flexible impeller mash pump that keeps eating impellers. Put a new impeller (not cheap) on yesterday and pumped 140 degree mash through a 2" tube-in-tube heat exchange (took about 2 hours to get to pitching temp) and then pumped to the fermenter from the mash tun. Using 2 inch distillery hose. 10' hose from the mash tun drain to the pump input, 10' hose to the input of the heat exchanger, and 20' up into the manhole of the mash tun. Pump is 1.5" connections so have reducers on the pump input and output. Running the pump at half speed. Running a 28-gallon mash. Using e
  2. We are selling our 2" Flexible Impeller Pump that is 4 years old. we have replaced the rubber prop inside one which is super easy but this thing is a work horse. This will also include 2ea 20' lengths of high grade hose and about 15 clamps. New this was $6,500. Asking $4,000.00 $3,000.00
  3. Hey All, I had an issue with a pump we were using to transfer and recirculate alcohol at 99%. The pump started to rust after a few days and ruined a lot of product. Does anyone have any good suggestions for pumps rated for High Proof Alcohol that are explosion proof and food grade. I would like to get around 50gpm. Thanks.
  4. 2.5” Inoxpa Flexible Impeller Pump – 230 Volt / 3 Phase w/Accessories – Like New Condition Specifications: Pump – Inoxpa Type RF-30/65 No. I294202/1 – Year – 2018 Motor – Nord Inverter Duty Type SK132SP/4 No. 36512782 - Year - 2017 – 3 Phase / 7.5 HP Gearbox – Nord Drive Systems Type SK672.1-132SP/4 No. 202283146-100 / Year – 2018 Frequency Drive – Lenze Type ESV552N02TXF Power Cord – 25’ 4 Wire / 10 AWG Control – 3 Positions (Froward/Off/Reverse) & Vari
  5. Hello fellow distillers, Anyone use a manual pump to empty barrels? If yes, what type of pump do you use? We are looking for a more simple (and cheaper) way to empty barrels for bottling than the barrel gun with co2 injection. Thank you
  6. Hi there, We are making whisky with a grain-in process. The mash is pumped from the mash tun to the fermenter with a centrifugal pump and stays there without agitation. After a week the grain is settled at the bottom and the husk is floating dry at the top. It is a hell of a job to pump this to the still after it is settled. I am thinking about using a lobe pump but I am not sure this will work with the solid at the bottom. The other solution would be to add an agitator to keep the mash homogeneity. Does anyone ever had this problem with a grain-in process? Did you try a lobe pump o
  7. I am trying to figure out an inexpensive way to pump how water to and from our hot water holding tanks (to fill lauder tun and sparge etc). I know the water temps will be about 150-170 F in the hot water holding tanks and probably 180-190 F when heating up sparge water from the mash tun to the lauder tun. I currently have a 20 GPM Jabsco Flexible Impeller Pump for hot mash and i know its limits are 175 F MAX. Another reason i would like a pump that can handle hotter temps is when i need to pump hot backset from the still. I do not have a budget but am looking for some solutions that won'
  8. Hi, we are looking for a screw pump or stator type pump that can handle stone fruits like plums. thanks, Murat
  9. Hi, we are looking for a screw pump or stator type pump that can handle stone fruits like plums. thanks, Murat
  10. 1.5"x 1.5" (improved pressure capability) 1-25gpm, 30psi, Stainless steel cart, Wireless remote control, 1.5hp, 1750 TEFC motor, NEMA 4 VFD, 1ph 230V with L6-20 locking plug. Used lightly for less than 1-year and just refurbished for sale with a new impeller and rings. We grew out of it and replaced it with a larger pump. New models are $2,899, we are offering it for $2,600 + shipping from Virginia and handling paid for by the buyer. We accept credit cards, but buyer pays 3% processing fee. If paid by check, will not ship until check clears. On-site pickups welcome.
  11. FOR SALE: 2 HP-3 phase Variable speed, Centrifugal pump made by Schenley. 2 hp wash down Sterling motor. Stainless impeller and all parts that come in contact w/ mash. Fittings are 2" inlet and 11/2" Tri-clamp outlets. Works great and is in good shape(new tires and super clean). It moves liquids and less thick mashes. Its three years old -We used it lightly for two years and 3 days a week for this past year. We paid 4k for the unit asking $2200- FOB 29403. Happy to put on a pallet for shipping. email drew@highwiredistilling.com for questions or more pics/specs. Thanks for looking.
  12. kleclerc77

    FIP Pumps

    I am looking for a pump similar to ones I've used before. I am looking for a mobile, variable, 3hp FIP pump with 2" fittings and cannot seem to find one. In my search, I am directed to companies that have one or two FIPs that don't quite fit our specifications. Is there a place with a larger catalog of pumps, or somewhere I can get a pump fitting these specifications? Thanks!
  13. New eccentric screw pump. Couldn't use due to inability to provide electrical supply. 3 phase and set up to work with VFD. Has variable speed control. Perfect condition. Over $4500 new. Asking $3800
  14. SOLD We are currently in the process of switching our distillation equipment to focus more on our farm and micro-malting facility instead of contract distilling. This equipment would be an incredible package for contract distilling, a distillery looking to expand, or a winery/distillery. Individual equipment prices are listed below. The entire package is listed at. We will consider any and all offers. Please feel free to PM, reply, or email adam.stumpf (at) stumpysspirits.com with any questions or for pics. - Continuous Column Still - 40 plate continuous column still that includes bo
  15. I am looking to sell a baldor industrial motor (product pump) . has only been used once. spec. 34-1297-283 rpm 3450 volts 208-230/460 HP 1 1/2 THIS THING IS POWERFUL. looking for 1200$
  16. Has anyone else had difficulty getting equipment delivered on time? Or even in the realm of on time? What about quality issues? Equipment delivered that was essentially not manufactured correctly and working properly or parts missing? Customer service that disappears right after the sales part of it? I feel like there's got to be others out there who have dealt with this from supposedly reputable manufacturers. It's beginning to feel like an epidemic of everything that I purchase. I do my research and talk with references, etc. It literally doesn't seem to help.
  17. We're one big step away from being physically operational - the chilled water loop. After getting back a couple bids that were well over double what we'd budgeted, we've decided to take this one on ourselves. Right now, I've got one big question, but I'm sure there will be plenty more. The question is ... Do I need pumps on the return line to get the water back to the holding tank? Let me explain the system to help you better answer the question: The chilled water will be stored in a 3000 gallon poly tank that sits outdoors. The water will be chilled by a 35 ton glycol chiller and heat exc
  18. I'm looking to filter vodka through multiple filters before adding flavors but need guidance on what type of pump I need. I'm going from a 53 gallon barrel to a pump and then through multiple filters before being dumped into another barrel. I will be a small operation so it does not have to be super strong but need something to get the product through the filters. My main concern is sanitation since the alcohol will physically go through the pump. Do I need a special food grade pump or something? Will any pump from a hardware store do? Suggestions? Brands? Thanks guys!
  19. I have 2 used Armstrong water pumps for sale. $100 each OR BEST OFFER. They were used in a hot water process in an industrial plant and all worked perfectly when removed last year. Pump heads are carbon steel and are Armstrong model 4270-06. Motors are Baldor .33HP 115/230 Volt single phase. Pumps sat under a barn lean to and will need to be pulled apart and cleaned up but should work perfectly fine. I am using 3 just like these in my operation. Here is a link to the pump model on Armstrong's site: http://armstrongfluidtechnology.com/en/products/4270-and-4270-stock-motor-mounted-pump Please
  20. I have 4 Spirax Sarco steam pumps, one of which is pictured below. These were pulled out of a plant in the KC area and were working perfectly when removed. I no longer need them for the project I was working on. Asking $250 each.
  21. Hi I am looking for a 4 to 6HP pump. Portable. Needs a variable speed drive. 60PSi and 130GPM with 2in discharge.
  22. Hey all, I'm sourcing a "Do-All" pump for my small distillery (325 cases/year) I will not be mashing so I dont need to move any really viscous fluids. I only really need it for moving honey wine (mead) from the fermenters (200L) to the still (250L) or holding tanks (300L), moving alcohol around the facility, recirculating and pumping through the filters. I've got a HUGE compressor built into my building and all the power in the world (heavy 3 phase down to 110) so either electric or air works. My main concern right now is initial cost and use of operation. I'd like to use the pump to move
  23. This system was acquired in 2012 and has been used about eight times. It is essentially new and in excellent condition. It includes a 7.5 hp motor, gearbox and Waukesha Cherry-Burrell SPX positive displacement pump. Asking $12,500. Model: 060-UII Capacity per rev: 0.153 Gal. (0.579 Liter) Flow rate (nominal): 90 GPM (20.4 m³/hr.) Max Pressure: 300 PSI (20.7 bar) Features and Benefits Bi-directional flow Large diameter shafts for greater strength & stiffness Rotor/shaft connection sealed from the product zone Extended-life outer seal Mechanical seals standard 316 pump body sta
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