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  1. Hello ADI Community, I am selling my steam powered 500L Muller distillation system. This unit has been in daily service at since October 2015. It is in like-new condition and has been maintained meticulously. We are replacing this unit for a larger still as our business continues to grow. This unit will be disassembled and professionally crated. It will be available to ship late April/early May. This is a fantastic piece of equipment and a great opportunity for a distillery that does not want to wait 12-18 months for a brand new still. Price: $90,000 + Shipping & H
  2. Hi Guys, I've got myself a stuck fermentation and I'm looking for some suggestions. My fermentation situation was/is not exactly optimal from the beginning but I'm working with what I've got and trying to make it happen. Now for the info-dump: 4 fermentors. All with nearly identical specs (I will give metric ranges for simplicity) 3/4 have stalled. 1300 gallons of wash in each. Each tank was filled ~650gal, given 10 days, then topped off. (I know this was not optimal) All washes began between between 1.083-1.087. All washes fermented out to approx 1.006 before the f
  3. I have attempted several times to get confirmation from the TTB to no avail so I am hoping you can assist. I have started a rum distillery. We are not ready to bottle so thought we would put in new and/or used oak barrels; however, I don't know if we need to get formula approval. The rules state formula approval is required before production. The rules state Formulas for rum are only required if harmless coloring doesn't exceed a total of 2 1/2 percent by volume of the finished product. How will I know if it exceeds if I can't put in the barrel first. Your insights would be greatly a
  4. 4 Inch Copper Still55 Gallon Rolled American Steel BoilerCopper MeshBoiler Temperature GaugeStill Temperature GaugeFire, Steam or Electric Heating ElementsWater or Glycol Condenser and HosesRound Fitted Cart $1400 Jackson 760 644 6806
  5. We are selling a pair of 1000ltr (264gal) Copper Pot Stills made by HOGA (Spain) that have never been used. These stills at 100% copper and include: internal copper steam heating coils, pressure and heat gauges, vertical tub worm condensers, and stands for both the condensers and stills. One still has a 1000rpm agitator /mixer motor and the set up include a copper gin basket that can be connected in line between the still and condenser. We are based in Colorado and may be able to deliver. As we have had them for a couple of years, the copper now looks tarnished but can easily
  6. Pot Still 4 Inch Copper Still 55 Gallon Rolled American Steel Boiler Copper Mesh Boiler Temperature Gauge Still Temperature Gauge Fire, Steam, or Electric Heating Elements Water or Glycol Condenser and Hoses Round Fitted Rolling Cart $2000 Jackson 760 644 6806
  7. 7351 bottles of 80 proof dark oaked rum 8645 bottles of 80 proof medium oaked rum 7700 bottles of 90 proof light rum Bottles are boxed, bottled and ready to transfer. 6 bottles cases, 480 bottles per pallet. Looking for $20 per case. Located in Dubuque, Iowa. Buyer pays shipping cost. Bulk pricing available. Would prefer to sell the entire lot. Willing to discuss details over the phone by contacting Joe at (563) 580-6738.
  8. Small Crafty Start-Up looking for like minded entrepreneurs. We seek to grow it small and grow it strong Quality essential to success
  9. Greetings, I am Brad from TBRC. I have a beautiful Pot combination Column Still it is 1200 Gallons here in Florida. Do you guys have any recommendation on cleaning a still this size? I have citric acid and PBW available to me. Cheers and Thank you from TBRC.
  10. Anyone had any experience using Schizosaccharomyces pombe? Anyone know where to source it? I'm curious to try a few experiments!
  11. 200l 4 column still. We have grown out of this still. This still is capable of making great whiskeys, bourbons, rums ect. Comes with control panel and agitator! The still was only used a few times before purchasing a larger still, no leaks works great! Asking $13,250 obo. Call or text 609-313-8886
  12. Industry Competitive Pricing for Contract Distilling of New Make Craft Bourbon, Rye, Single Malt Whiskeys & Rums. Custom Whiskey Mash Bills & Locally Grown Grains Available. Bourbon Whiskey-Wheated (70 corn, 16 wheat, 14 malted barley) $765/barrel Bourbon Whiskey-High Rye (60 corn, 36 rye, 4 malted barley) $795/barrel Bourbon Whiskey-High Rye (75 corn, 21 rye, 4 malted barley) $795/barrel Rye Whiskey (51 rye, 39 corn, 10 malted barley) $840/barrel Rye Whiskey (95 rye, 5 malted barley) $875/barrel Quantity Discounts Offered. High-Capacity, St
  13. District Distilling Company (DDC) is seeking a motivated and hard-working individual to assist its Head Distiller in distilling, blending and aging operations in an award-winning craft distillery in one of the most dynamic markets in the United States. Job Responsibilities: · Assist in all aspects of distillery operations including but not limited to production, blending, aging, and bottling of distilled spirits. · Assist with equipment and facility maintenance. · Perform general warehousing such as moving barrels, palletizing cases, etc. ·
  14. Going about making my first dunder mash. Have read that 20-35% of next mash should be composed of dunder. Should same ratio of molasses / gws / H2O / yeast from original mash recipe be used or does it need tweaking in some fashion? Wondering what others have found. Thank you!
  15. Hello everyone, First, thank you for such a great community you all have created here. I am a recent chemical engineering graduate with no experience in distilling spirits other than from school labs, and drinking the Puerto Rican moonshine "pitorro". I have been researching the rum making & history, and found Rafael Arroyo's papers, thanks to Boston Apothecary. Looking forward to start this learning journey researching Arroyo's heavy rum production technique. As of right now I own a SS 13 gal, 3 inch diameter packed (copper mesh) still. Will be working with local sugar cane molass
  16. Whiskey/Rum for sale in barrels examples include 2015 95% Rye $2300 per barrel (53 gallons, IN distilled) 2015 70% Rye $2350 per barrel (53 gallons, TN Distilled) 2018 99% Corn $650 per barrel (53 gallons, IN distilled) 2014 Jamaican Column Distilled Rum $1300 (53 gallons, aging in KY in rye barrels since 2017) 2015 Jamaican Put Still Rum $1650 (53gallons, aged 2 years in Jamaica, since 12/17 in KY) Other barrels available- Bourbon, 2006, 2015, 2018 Rye 2012 For full list, e-mail Dave - proofandwood@gmail.com
  17. I am currently in the process of developing a white rum. I have previous experience producing a lighter rum on a smaller 6-plate column still, however, this time I would like to produce something with a fuller flavor. From experience and some lurking I have a general idea of how to accomplish this, I am just looking for some pointers or suggestions. So far I have ran a few stripping runs through our 240 gallon pot still and collected around 50 gallons of 90-100 proof low wines each run. We have a 50 gallon 6" column still with modular plates that I want to use for a spirit run. My curren
  18. Jump in head first - Operating, 4 year old New Jersey craft distillery for sale, asking $450,000. * We're on a month-to-month lease - you can extend that and continue operating or move our operation wherever you want to take it. * We make critically-acclaimed rums, whiskeys (bourbon, rye, and other), and brandy - all from scratch, in-house and with unique flavors and stories that truly stand out in the marketplace. * After paying off debt (included in asking price) the business would be profitable at current scale. * Lots of upside for someone with vision to grow and expand
  19. Cooper River Distillers is selling off our inventory of aged spirits in barrels - available to someone with a DSP who can do a transfer in bond. A mix of bourbon, rye, rum, brandy, and experimental whiskeys (see http://CooperRiverDistillers.com for info on our product lines) Currently sitting in bonded storage in Camden, NJ. Would like to liquidate ASAP, so offers and creative ideas are welcome. The brand names and labels that we were marketing these spirits under are also available as part of a sale. All spirits were "hand crafted" the hard way, from scratch in Camden New
  20. Typically we make our rum from Caribbean Fancy Molasses using DAP as a nutrient source, however, we recently decided to change up our recipe to Turbinado. I've seen where some people mention not having to use any nutrient with ingredients like panele but what about turbinado? Should I still use DAP as a nutrient? If so does anyone have a recommendation for dosage? Thank You Pertinent info: 1000 gallon batch, roughly 1.08 SG, 1000g yeast pitch.
  21. Hey Everyone, I recently started Good Spirits Consulting LLC in order to help distilleries nationwide. Specializing in just about anything under a distillery's roof, we're eager to help. Check out our website for more info (web address below). Get in touch with us and tell us how we can help. Cheers! Jordan Stielow www.GoodSpirits.rocks
  22. Shindig

    Spiced Rum

    I am wondering if I could get some advice on making spiced rum using maceration? I bought around 10 ingredients but have no idea where to start with blending them (amounts) or what proof I should be macerating at. I know some things like cinnamon and star anise can be overpowering quick and others take more time to steep. I was thinking of doing each one separately in their own mason jar and then blending the tinctures. Right now I am starting with a full bottle (750ml) of 80proof silver rum and eyeballing the ingredients. I just ordered a scale that does smaller weights since mine only goes d
  23. I'm prepping to start on a Rum. From my reading it seems that of the sugar content in Molasses only ~52% of it is fermentable. How should I calculate the gravity of my wash? Should I divide the sugar contribution from the molasses in half or take it as is?
  24. Hi, We are a group of guys who have been talking about starting our own Nordic craft distillery in Texas. The Burbon scene is quite mature down here and apart from a few vodka distilleries there is not a whole lot more different craft distilleries around. Myself being originally from Sweden I believe there are some great new spirits I would like to bring to the US such as Schnapps, mulled Wine and nordic style single malt whiskeys. We are currently in the very early steps to build a business case and I wanted to join here to read more about what other have done and hopefully be
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