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  1. Buyer did not follow through. Back for sale: Unsure of exact volume 100+ gallon. Steam injector, steam Jacket, CIP ball, triclamp bottom valve, agitator with motor. Purchased these from distillery in Kentucky, were used together until sale. Never hooked up after purchase. Located near Golden Colorado. Boiler is on two pallets now. $4900 OBO. Need gone ASAP additional pics available.
  2. We are selling our A.B.E. 125 Hybrid Steam still. This still includes: 125 Gallon Full Capacity Copper and 304 SS construction SS Steam Jacketed 18-inch Manway Whiskey Helmet Four-plate Copper Column 12" Column Bubble Plate Regulation Valve Copper Dephlegomater PRV/VRV In Jacket PRV/CRV In Pot C1D1 Compliant Agitator Motor and Gear Box Tube & Shell Stainless Steel Liquid Management Condenser UL Cert PID Steam Control Box Steam Valves RITE 336,000 BTU Natural Gas Boiler The still is located in Tupelo, Mississippi. Shipping can be arranged upon request. Complete system, $50,000 o.b.o. Please contact me with questions. 125GAL V1.0 Dual.pdf
  3. We are upgrading our space from 100 gal internal electric and are in need of a steam jacketed still between 250-300 gal. We are open to new or used (given the design / price is right for us). Ideally we would like a pot/column hybrid with 4 plates and a gin basket, but may be open to start with just pot or just kettle-column. We will be producing American whiskey from ferment, as well as vapor infusing NGS that has been macerated for gin, etc. We are also looking for a relative boiler that can serve our 300 gal mash tun as well (5,000ft elevation). or any kind of relative sized equipment. Also, we would like to keep lead time within about a 3 month window, if possible. Thanks!
  4. Purchased both new from Trident Welding in 2014, put into service in 2015, and used a total of 89 times since then. 400 gallon stainless steel steam jacketed mash tun with sparge channels on both long sides (both fed by one 1" triclamp), rectangular manway, temp gauge, 2' triclamp drain with butterfly valve and two false bottoms. 72"L x 48"W x 36"H. Asking $5000. 2" triclamp grain-in wort chiller with temp gauges for wort in/ out and coolant in/out. Asking $4000. Please ask any questions!
  5. Made in the USA by HBS Copper Ready to go 300 Gallon all copper Steam Pot almost (75% complete) ready to ship. Customer ordered this but could not fulfill the contract. We can build what ever kind of Column, Pot head or cap that you want. It you have a cap or column tell us the connection you need for yours and we will install that. This is only for the Pot but but we can add what ever you need. This does include the mixer also. Sale Price plus shipping $32,500.00 If your interested call 270-906-9594 or email mike@hillbillystills.com 300 Gallon Copper Steam Kettle · 300 gallon working Capacity · C122 Copper .25 thickness · 18” man-way · Kettle Temp Gauge · PRVs in Kettle and Jacket · Mixer Connection · 3” Drain · Copper Legs UL XP ElectricAgitator · UL Listed explosion proof electric agitator/mixer.1/2hp 230/460 3phase, 350 rpm gear drive with 5" marine style prop
  6. Hello, We are scaling our operation to a larger Hagyo Distilling still and have our current automated available still for sale. The still is 119 Gallons (450 Liters) and consists of a pot, reflux column, and condenser. The still has been in operation for two years and has been used to rectify GNS and distill grain, fruit, and vegetable mashes. Highly efficient column design and automation give you precise controls of the distillation process. Please send me a message if interested. Asking price is $69,500. Marat
  7. I won't always have access to cold running water. So I need to be self contained. I don't mind pumping fluids around. Distillation of ethanol is occurring under vacuum. This is a falling film setup. Getting vapor at 65-70c. I need to chill a 4"x36 and 4"x24 shotgun condensers hooked in series. Both have 7x (3/4") tubes. For evaporation we have a jacketed 4"x48" column we need to heat. What are some affordable options for self contained heating and chilling? Steam generator and air to water exchanger with wort chiller? I'm hoping to reach 20-26L/hr recovery. We currently have a 5L/-40c chiller for a small condenser on another rig, but we know it's no where large enough for the upgrade.
  8. Has anyone looked into using an electric steam generator for heating their mash tun and/or still? I'm just starting to look at this option and wanted to see if anyone has experience on the matter. A boiler would be great, but I'm in a rental space in which I don't plan to stay in past 3-5 years and I'd also be responsible for installing and subsequently removing everything I alter while I occupy the space. This seems like a reasonable alternative to get the steam heating I desire and still keep my impact on the space low.
  9. If your looking for new equipment please give us a opperitunity to work for you. Give us a call at 270-334-3400
  10. Simple question for those of you with low pressure steam boilers: How do you control how much heat is going to the still if the boiler has only on/off operation? Can someone please describe their setup and how it works? I've only been exposed to direct heating with electric elements and steam is a different animal. Cheers, VB
  11. We are purchasing some equipment to run our 300L Hoga still. We are also bootstrapping so a full setup of a 10-15hp boiler is going to kill our budget (unless we go back out for funding). I have seen in previous forum discussions that a 12kW Steam Generator would work to heat our still in a pretty standard and fairly decent time frame - this obviously isn't a long term solution but I wanted to get an opinion on feasibility, especially for that first year or so of running the still. (FYI - we are getting our mash from a local brewery so no HLT or Mash tun considerations here). Appreciate any input around this. Cheers! Alex
  12. We have the following equipment for sale (the rest is sold): Apollo Econo Mill with 2hp (230-460v) explosion proof motor 18" extension legs Flex auger boot $2,200 250L Artisan Still Design electric bain-marie pot still with 3 electric input ports Copper gin basket 8" diameter 2" tri clamp drain 2" tri clamp side input (for temp probe to get digital readout of pot temp, useful for mashing in still) Pressure relief valve Analogue temperature read Controller 10" Manway Agitator 2hp 220v/3 phase/ 154 rpm shotgun condenser 8"x24" $7,000 Link to pictures: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/7a8tjx57opuuohk/AADBGD1p7hBmN0oL1iBxdVc4a?dl=0
  13. I am selling a used "Shell and tube condenser" instant hot water heater manufactured by Jet-Vac. This hot water heater is steam powered off your boiler and allows you to make unlimited amounts of hot water up to 211 degrees at up 30GPM. It is big, about 6~7 feet tall and all stainless. Built in 1994 the nameplate says it is rated to 30 GPM. It was included with my boiler when I bought it (15hp Fulton) but I don't need it. I've seen it in operation but have not used it myself. The outside insulation jacket is cracked and split in a couple of places from moving it around. Included are the NTP flanges to hook into a system as well as a custom built stand. In the pic you can see me standing next to the heater (the heater is about 6 ft tall) and the custom made steel stand is next to it. Its rated up to 75psi and the original owner had it running at 60psi, lower pressures will yield lower hot water flow rates. A pressure regulator, relief valve and tempering valve are NOT included. You must use a tempering/mixing valve after the heater to get the exact water temp you need. See attached pics for more info. Asking $2000 as I just don't need it. Shipping not included and it will need to crated. For more Contact Kevin at 603-512-0455. Located in Seabrook, NH
  14. Can anyone recommend a boiler installer in Colorado? This is going into our distillery in Steamboat Springs. I am having a bear of a time finding anyone closer to us then Denver to sell us and install a boiler. That said, if anyone has a good person in Denver, I would happily accept that too. Getting a little desperate here. I need to find a reasonable priced installer to help source a unit and pipe it in to code.
  15. I have 5 used Armstrong WS heat exchangers available. They are 2 pass shell and tube designed for steam on the shell side and liquid on the tube side. Some surface rust but a wire wheel and a fresh coat of paint will make them look new. We are using one as an instant hot water heater when we have our boiler running. $400 each or $1,800 if you buy all 5. Willing to consider reasonable offers.
  16. Purchasing a new boiler and the contractor is suggesting that we locate it on the floor as close to the mash cooker and still as possible. Less install cost and minimal loss through the piping. Since we have to move things around anyway to accommodate new equipment I am trying to maximize the space. What is the minimum safe distance to place a 15 psi natural gas boiler next to the still? Any other considerations?
  17. We have ready to ship a 100 gallon steam still. It has a 6" plated column with 4 plates. The still in the picture is the same still but with a 6 plate column. We have sold the 6 plate column but this is ready to ship with the 4 plate.Give us a call at 270-334-3400 . This thing is priced to sell fast. We look forward to speaking with you. We are ready to make a deal today. Call us and lets get together on pricing. I need this out of my warehouse. This was build for the ADI show and I just need it gone This system can also be used as a Bain Marine kettle. Just circulate hot water though out the steam chamber! Or email orders@hillbillystills.com www.hbscopper.com
  18. No waiting around for a Still Ladies & Gents! "Can be on your floor in a week! Start making the money, your already talented right?" - We will ship this anywhere in the USA Free! Price: $79,900. - NEW - 250 Lt. 3 Column Type Still: Please direct inquires to romesburg@gmail.com or just give us a ring. (810)794-8077 Cheer's, Scott D. Romesburg Romesburg International, LLC. 250 Lt. Type -3 Column Still NEW.pdf
  19. Anyone out there have experience building a distillery utilizing green techniques? We are constructing a small, downtown facility in a town that has adopted the new IGBC, which we want to meet or exceed. Our engineers are working on a system w/heat pumps / exchangers for heating and cooling equipment and are trying to find ways around a steam boiler and chiller, which they feel is inefficient. We would appreciate the opportunity to speak w/anyone who has tackled some of these issues.
  20. 2 copper pots of 2000 liters each (antiques and artisanal copper vessels) Ideal for infusions & maceration of gin botanicals - Heating method: steam - Artisanal fabrication with copper (thickness 8 mm) - Origin: Argentina - Price: usd 20.000 dollaras - FOB Mendoza/Argentina
  21. I have 4 Spirax Sarco steam pumps, one of which is pictured below. These were pulled out of a plant in the KC area and were working perfectly when removed. I no longer need them for the project I was working on. Asking $250 each.
  22. Sussman Electric Boiler ES-180 with Condensate Return Brand new in original box, 15PSI Low Pressure All-Electric Steam Generator, ES180 180KW 480/3 15PSI / ES18015F3 Includes 33 gallon condensate return system - CRS 33 GAL 1/2HP 120V 15PSIG / ES38084V-15 Includes Multi-Stage Load Progressive Sequencer - SEQUENCER 15PSI ELECTRONC STEP 180KW, Generates 542 Lbs/Hr. Steam. Uses 3 Phase power at 480 volts. Dimensions: 30”w x 36”l x 61”h 790 lb. shipping weight. This versatile generator is perfect for aImost any application requiring steam from 0-15 PSIG. Each unit is complete with automatic features, including pressure and liquid level controllers, ASME Code pressure vessel and safety valve and are fully tested under power. Each one must pass Sussman’s rigid quality control inspection before it is shipped. Spec Sheet Manual Message me for price and with any questions.
  23. Hey guys, So we are thinking about upgrading to a 12" 16-plate reflux still. I think that a 200 Gallon boiler would be sufficient. At the current time we are running a 8" 8-plate still on electric. SO if we were to choose steam we would also have to invest in a boiler. If we were to stay with electric would it be possible to run a still of this size? what would be the power requirements? As in how many 15kW heating elements do you think it would require? Thanks
  24. First, forgive me if I'm posting something that exists within these threads. I've done searching and found a lot of indirect information but nothing that rounds out what I'm looking for. We are designing our system and have the opportunity to go with either setup for our mash cooker. Right now our plan is to use direct steam injection but I've received a lot of criticism from other distillers who state that introducing steam that could have possible contamination from boiler treatment (even if it is food grade) is a big mistake. The other side of the argument is that we've (the royal we) been making whiskey in America for 60 years using live steam injection. It's efficient and works, so why change it. The alternative is to use internal coils running indirect steam in combination with a dimple jacket for cooling water. *We are using a low pressure Colombia boiler If you could set this up however you wanted, what would you do and why? Thanks in advance.
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