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  1. I am considering a start up Craft Distillery here in Canada, unfortunately our Canadian Dollar is hurting right now (0.69/1.00) and am looking at sourcing some equipment, Stripper Still, Reflux, etc. Can anyone point me in the right direction so I am not paying out the butt once dollar conversion is factored in? Are there any reputable fabricators or folks with surplus equipment in Canada that could assist with my query? Don in AB
  2. We are selling our A.B.E. 125 Hybrid Steam still. This still includes: 125 Gallon Full Capacity Copper and 304 SS construction SS Steam Jacketed 18-inch Manway Whiskey Helmet Four-plate Copper Column 12" Column Bubble Plate Regulation Valve Copper Dephlegomater PRV/VRV In Jacket PRV/CRV In Pot C1D1 Compliant Agitator Motor and Gear Box Tube & Shell Stainless Steel Liquid Management Condenser UL Cert PID Steam Control Box Steam Valves RITE 336,000 BTU Natural Gas Boiler The still is located in Tupelo, Mississippi. Shipping can be arranged upon request. Complete system, $50,000 o.b.o. Please contact me with questions. 125GAL V1.0 Dual.pdf
  3. ****SOLD*** We are selling our 200L Arnold Holstein Cooper still (built in 2013). We are selling because we have upgraded to a larger size. She works perfectly, with some recent upgrades to the CIP plumbing (changed from brass compression fittings to triclover). It’s a Hybrid still with a 13 plate vodka column and a 4 plate side column. The side column can be ran open or with bubble caps engaged. The pot still is steam heated with a pear shaped helmet and 240V phase agitator. Both columns are equipped with dephlegmators and lights inside the bottom section of the columns. The columns sit on a stainless pedestal that has 3 stainless collection tanks for heads, hearts and tails. The still and columns are complete copped on the inside. It’s also equipped with CIP system and water collection tank. She has produced award winning brandy, whiskey, gin and vodka. We hate to see her go! Lead times on these new are 8 months (that’s with fingers crossed). Price is $65,000 The still has been disassembled and is ready for crating and shipment. The still is located in Windsor, CA 95492. Buyer is responsible for shipping and cost for crating (if needed). Contact Brandon, Sonoma Brothers Distilling
  4. 5 year old distillery moving to new facility we are eliminating most of our equipment. Looking for an offer on everything or it goes to auction. $30k - Make a cash offer only. List of most substantial equipment. Lots of other small things not listed Description Brand Notes 100 Gallon Still/ Mashtun w/Agitator Distillery-equipment Baine Marie, 6" Column, Electric 16,500 Watt Electric Oil Bath Heating System with Controller, agitator control, 2" valve Dephlegmator SS Gin Basket with Sight Glass and copper plate 4 - Copper column Sections with Sight Glass and bubble plates 100+ Gallon SS mashtun w/Agitator / Steam Jacket Never Installed Purchased from Old Pogue Distillery KY Gas Steam Boiler Never Installed Purchased from Old Pogue Distillery KY Copper Cooling coil Copper Cooling coil extension Latina Tank 160gal Latina On wheels with two valve openings and sample valve, lid with oneway pressure release valve and hand pump Commercial Refrigerator 30gal SS Barrel no valve Bubba Barrel With Lid 3 - 100gal Conical tank with stand Plastic Mart 10 foot 1.5" transfer hose 20 foot 1.5" transfer hose 1.5" CIP Ball Spirit Diaphram Pump and hoses 3 part water filter Misc Meters Thermometers Triclamp gaskets and clamps/ valves Large Digital Scale Small Digital Scale Stainless Steel 3 basin Sink 8 Red Steel Barrel Racks Bottling Machine One Bottle Self Stop WIth Filter Labeling Machine Hand Crank Roll 6 Empty 30gal Barrels New Barrel Mill Charred Oak Misc Used Barrels Shop Vac Rigid Two 30 gal barrel lid stays 10 Gal Stainless Steel Vessel With Valve Email responses to distilleryequipmentsale2020@gmail.com
  5. Hello- We have for sale a StillDragon 500L bain-marie kettle with mixer. It comes with a brand new 8" copper bubble cap column( 4 plates) w/dephleg and 6" X 48" condenser and stand $15,000 firm plus buyer pays for shipping and crating. FOB Muskegon, Michigan Thanks for looking!
  6. We have a lightly used 450 liter (118 gallon) Carl still. Everything you see in the photograph is for sale, including the steel mezzanine. The only part of the original build that is not for sale are two fermentation tanks. We are using them for another project. 8 adjusting plates and botanical basket. This was used for rum. We are asking $95000. Buyer would be responsible for crating and shipping. It is currently disassembled in Philadelphia PA. Please feel free to contact me with any questions! Attached is a PDF describing the still as proposed. The only change is to electrical specs: the unit as delivered is fed by 208 VAC 3-phase. Here is a set of pictures of the still in its various installations: https://photos.app.goo.gl/yVe6CawKcEUHApK46 Carl Still at La Colombe - spec list (2).pdf
  7. We are upgrading our space from 100 gal internal electric and are in need of a steam jacketed still between 250-300 gal. We are open to new or used (given the design / price is right for us). Ideally we would like a pot/column hybrid with 4 plates and a gin basket, but may be open to start with just pot or just kettle-column. We will be producing American whiskey from ferment, as well as vapor infusing NGS that has been macerated for gin, etc. We are also looking for a relative boiler that can serve our 300 gal mash tun as well (5,000ft elevation). or any kind of relative sized equipment. Also, we would like to keep lead time within about a 3 month window, if possible. Thanks!
  8. System Rocks its just time to upgrade the building and the size for us. Turnkey set up. Can be up and running in a flash. 65 Gallon Steam Driven ASD Still 4 plate copper column 16 plate Stainless Vodka Column 120 Gallon Mashtun 3 65 Gallon Conical Fermentors All equipment associated with the process...pumps hoses etc Wort Chiller-In line. Drops the Temperature of 120 gallon mash from 150 degrees to pitch temp in 30 mins or less Boiler that is capable of running the entire System Everything is 3 phase. 3 phase motor speed digital controls 3 150 Gallon fermentation totes Message me for complete pictures and web address. Immediate Availability. Still is currently disassembled due to a building Move. Could ship with in a week. $80,000/obo
  9. 4 Inch Copper Still55 Gallon Rolled American Steel BoilerCopper MeshBoiler Temperature GaugeStill Temperature GaugeFire, Steam or Electric Heating ElementsWater or Glycol Condenser and HosesRound Fitted Cart $1400 Jackson 760 644 6806
  10. 250 or 500 Gallon Pot Still With Copper Column. The 250 g Pot Still is available now at reduced price of $20,250. 500 g Pot Still will take 90-120 days to receive. Both are equipped with double jacketed steam heating pot still, manhole, rectification column, condenser, piping and fittings. Minimum of 72kWh boiler recommended for operation. Copper Onion Top SUS 304 Stainless Steel 20 Inch Diameter Condenser 3-Phase AC Agitation Motor 15 Foot Max Height 9 Foot Max Horizontal Space Available For Immediate Shipping WAS REDUCED $20,250 (250 Gal) REDUCED TO SELL: $18,250 (250 Gal) 90-120 days $32,900 (500 Gal) Contact : andrew@tetondistillery.com http://www.tetondistillery.com/distillery-equipment
  11. Pot Still 4 Inch Copper Still 55 Gallon Rolled American Steel Boiler Copper Mesh Boiler Temperature Gauge Still Temperature Gauge Fire, Steam, or Electric Heating Elements Water or Glycol Condenser and Hoses Round Fitted Rolling Cart $2000 Jackson 760 644 6806
  12. 60 gallon Mueller electric still for sale. $38000.00 OBO
  13. I am wondering if anyone has converted their mashtun to work double duty as a low wines still? I use my 2000 litre mashtun 2 times a week( it sits unused for 3 days) and due to the high cost of another Still and lack of floorspace I am thinking of having a lyne arm and condenser fabricated. This would allow me to run low-wines for 3 days and mash for 2 days per week using the mashtun/still. This would allow me to do more finish distillation on my "actual still (vodka, Gin ,Whisky, etc.) A large 12" butterfly valve would open/close the chimney and a small 3-4" butterfly valve (12") would separate the lyne arm /condenser from the mashtun chimney, allowing one of the systems to be used per day. Has anyone done this or seen it done? This is hopefully and short term solution until expansion plans and funds are economically viable. thanks, Doug
  14. The Spirits Institute Puget Sound warehouse in Seattle has received one final Figgins Reciprocator® spirit still before we commence work on another two units in January. 2 x 1000-liter kettles (528 US gallons) ~ an innovative, patent-pending design heated by low-pressure steam or thermal-transfer fluid fully ported for pressure relief valves and gauges large-capacity steam or fluid jackets, with insulating jackets for safety bi-directional, explosion-proof agitators with gear reduction for low foaming 24" twin boil balls in gleaming, micro-polished copper stainless steel kettles with domed copper tops and triple leveling feet easy valving to switch from pot still mode to pot-and-column mode 12" plated column with copper bubble plates/caps 10 CIP zones 7 temperature-sensing zones individual plate bypass valves overbuilt, ultra-efficient condenser ~ five feet in length efficient dephlegmator with extra coolant port for supplemental water supply glass-domed hydrometer well ( not a parrot ~ it's an emu! ) with heads/foreshots valve with standard washes, delivers an average of 42.0% ABV + over the course of the run when used as a pot still reaches 96.2% ABV for a protracted period of time during second pass makes excellent barrel-ready whisky, brandy and rum in a single pass through the column neutral spirit may be produced upon re-distillation of several consolidated stripping runs excellent performance for gin when used in pot still mode samples of FR-made spirits available upon request! Your package includes these features, with unrivaled support before and after the sale: distill a batch on the showroom prototype prior to purchase! no wait time ~ a unit is ready to ship to your distillery immediately personalized shipping coordination, FOB Seattle one-year warranty coverage for replacement parts on-site assembly and performance testing, personally executed by the designer electrically bonded to Earth (grounding) during final installation phase ~ safety first! still operation and sanitizing tutorials for all staff, presented by a commercial artisan distiller Certifiably Safe™ tutorial and certificate for trouble-free operation, batch after batch three months of distillery operations consultation with 24/7 responsiveness An extremely unmatched value! The Figgins Reciprocator® is modestly priced at $64,995.00, with affordable lease terms also available through third-party financing. Call now to talk shop ~ 206.497.7554! The Figgins Reciprocator ~ an innovation in craft distillation.pdf
  15. Our lease is about to end and we are moving into a Co-pack agreement to continue making our products. We are selling a full turn key distillery set up with delivery within 200 miles of 23704. Price $65,000. This is a great set up for an easy price with everything you need to be fully operational immediately! SS 600 gal electric mash tun/ heating elements/ agitated by a 3 in” neitsche progressive cavity pump. Moves high corn mash bills with ease. 2X3 in 6ft high temp food grade hose/ ball valves and connections to agitate mash. 3X 200gal Apollo HDPE fermenters, with cooling system. Each fermentation tank has autonomous cooling control to allow for differences in temperature from each tank with PID control and all copper piping and pumps. Fully turn key temperature control system. 3/4 in sanitary Mash transfer pump, with connections for 2 in high temp food grade transfer hoses total 45 ft. All Tri-clamp gaskets and connections. 105 gal Bain Marie SS electric still with 6 plate copper column/ dephlagamator. Plates can be removed to run as a pot still very easily, within minutes. Agitator and Bain Marie allows for grain on distillation. Old school barrel condenser with 60ft of copper coil, dephlagamator and condenser have a PID temperature controlled recirculating water system. Quarter turn ball valves mounted to condenser stand to allow for easy control of water flow/temperature. Removable copper parrot. 14 gal SS pot with temperature gauge for collection of spirit as well as proofing tank for bottling. Enolomatic 1 spout bottle filler/ actually fills very quickly. 3x50 gal HDPE drums for spirit storage and proofing/ bottling collection 12x 1 gal glass jugs for collection of finished spirits 4x30 gal black swan honeycomb barrels medium toast #4 char.brand new 1x53 gal black swan honeycomb barrel #4char medium toast. various 10 gal used barrels. Tri-clamps/reducers/ gaskets/spool peices/ measuring equipment/ graduated cylinders/ iPad to run Software to keep TTB information. Tasting room glasses of all types and sizes glencarin/martini/highball. Cocktail mixing tools etc. Clover POS system Complete turn key set up, plug and play. Also willing to help come and set up and consult on your project for an additional price. This system works great for making whisky/bourbon/gin and moonshine. Will add pictures to this post. Email skylerpittman@gmail.com for any questions. Website is Copperandoakcs.com for some pictures of equipment and tasting room. Cheers!
  16. The biggest question I have about our new still is how to clean the condenser and lyne arms between the pot and columns. It is a 1000L vodka still with 20 plates. The plates and the pot are all on the CIP system. However, the condenser and spirit path between the pot and columns are not. We were told by the manufacturer to clean it by running tails through it. This seems like the wrong answer to me, considering the oils from the tails are mostly what we are trying to clean in the first place. I have a plan to rig up a line from the CIP pump right into the point where spirit leaves the condenser, but wasn't sure if I am missing something, or am mistaken about the cleaning powers of a tails run. As always, thanks for the help!
  17. Greetings, I am Brad from TBRC. I have a beautiful Pot combination Column Still it is 1200 Gallons here in Florida. Do you guys have any recommendation on cleaning a still this size? I have citric acid and PBW available to me. Cheers and Thank you from TBRC.
  18. Looking for a good home for a dependable still. I'm looking to get is sold as quickly as possible. I need to get it off my friend's floor so he can install his own equipment. He's been nice enough to store it for me! I had been saving it in case I got back into the industry, but I've decided to stick with my day job! Still Description: The still is a Series 2 Bain Marie Style Artisan Still from Artisan Still Design. It originally cost $85K new. It was used primarily as a stripping and finishing still to make whiskey, gin, and even small batch vodka. 150 GL double jacketed copper pot with 4 inch drain, pressure gauge, thermometers, etc. Can be run with steam or as a double boiler using 6 heating elements (elements not included). It's set up for either Steam or as a double boiler. I ran it with oil in the jacket as a double boiler and used heating elements to run it. I didn't have a boiler, so I used the electric setup. I do not have controller...these can be built for minimal expense or you can contact Sherman Owens for a control box if you need. If you decide to run it with steam, you wouldn't need a controller. Other Items: 1/2 Copper (Top) and 1/2 SS kettle (bottom). 4 plate copper column with copper bypass, ports for thermometers on each plate. Plates are bubble caps. Stainless steel dephleg with thermometer port. Stainless steel condenser with thermometer port. Stainless steel parrot. SS Jackets, piping, etc. 2 hp Agitator with motor, housing, and mixing shaft. CIP ports for pot and column. Has all seals, valves, thermometers, pressure gauge, pipes, tri-clamp fittings, tri-clamp seals, etc. Just needs to be put together. I'm asking for $25K OBO plus shipping and it would ship out of Prosser, Washington. A Friend is storing it for me at his distillery there. He'd box it up and get it shipped to you, if you decided to buy it. If interested in the still, please IM me. I am looking for a cash buyer and will not lease or use a payment plan. I will entertain lower offers. Thank you!
  19. Anyone have any recommendations for small tabletop vacuum or short path (or other) stills for testing/trial runs? I am looking for something simple to run botanical trials on.
  20. Hi!, AM trying to figure out floor space in a potential building and in the garage is 38' x 50' x 17,9 high , two garage doors 12' witch is on the right on the plan left section is tasting room and office etc . Is it possible to have 300 gallon still for gin and a 600 gallon still & rectification column 20 plates in that floor space for vodka and whisky? is it too much? what size do i need the fermenters to be and mash plus a stripping still size so it doesn't bottleneck for 4-5 days a week production? After that we need a space for empty and full bottle palets, bottling section and storage tanks, storage space grain & barrels. Am i losing my time with this place? The plan is to get 60 000 x 750ML bottles a year at it maximum potential. Thank you for your feedback if am missing things or else let me know!
  21. NEW PRICE! Reduced to $50,000. USD / cash F.O.B. Arnold Holstein 300 liter still (new) Type SH 900 with CIP system, copper catalyst Serial # 8164 / Made in 2007 Click for photos and contact info... http://arnoldholsteinstills.com
  22. Greetings fellow distillers! We're expanding and would like to sell our previous unused equipment. Items which are for sale include: 1. Corson 200 Gallon Pot still (with custom "scottish style hand hammered helmet") with 14" 4-plate column. 2. Corson 400 Gallon Fermenter - 3. Corson 400 Gallon Mashtun 4. Corson Spirits Safe We've only tested this equipment but ended up using a bigger unit for production. So this stuff is "like new", if not completely new depending on your standards. Additional information is available upon request at Lucas@ghostwoodwhiskey.com EDIT: The whole system was at $120K, we are now asking only $80K, OBO. If you want just a single piece of this package, I'm open to that as well. Perks - Still.PDF Perks MASH TUN.PDF PERKS-Fermenter.PDF
  23. Unused 250 Gallon Pot Still available for sale. This was a pot still we intended to run separately as a dedicated whiskey still, but no longer are going to. All equipment can be seen here: http://www.tetondistillery.com/distillery-equipment If you would like to purchase another size, it is 90-120 days turnaround time. Contact Me: Andrew Boczar andrew@tetondistillery.com • 250 (new) Gallon Pot Still With Copper Column available for sale. • Copper Onion Top • Stainless Steel Dephlegmator Cap • 18 Inch Diameter Shotgun Style Condenser • 3-Phase AC Agitation Motor • 14 Foot Maximum Height • In-Stock Available For Immediate Shipping • $22,500 (250 Gal) - Sale Price $20,250
  24. 200l 4 column still. We have grown out of this still. This still is capable of making great whiskeys, bourbons, rums ect. Comes with control panel and agitator! The still was only used a few times before purchasing a larger still, no leaks works great! Asking $13,250 obo. Call or text 609-313-8886
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