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  1. As the topic suggests Im looking for people who run continuous stills (preferably a continuous fractioning set up but also if you run a continuous stripper). Recently I visited Greenbar Distillery in Los Angeles and was very impressed with their set up: A continuous fractioning still as well as a 100 gallon, 4 plate pot. A very nice set up and they make some wonderful products. Needless to say it got me to thinking. I've read the lengthy thread started by Mr. Heising and have reached out to the known manufacturers of said equipment (Heising, McKee. Dehner, I'll be contacting you in the next f
  2. 250 or 500 Gallon Pot Still With Copper Column. The 250 g Pot Still is available now at reduced price of $20,250. 500 g Pot Still will take 90-120 days to receive. Both are equipped with double jacketed steam heating pot still, manhole, rectification column, condenser, piping and fittings. Minimum of 72kWh boiler recommended for operation. Copper Onion Top SUS 304 Stainless Steel 20 Inch Diameter Condenser 3-Phase AC Agitation Motor 15 Foot Max Height 9 Foot Max Horizontal Space Available For Immediate Shipping WAS REDUCED $20,250 (250 Gal) R
  3. Unused 250 Gallon Pot Still available for sale. This was a pot still we intended to run separately as a dedicated whiskey still, but no longer are going to. All equipment can be seen here: http://www.tetondistillery.com/distillery-equipment If you would like to purchase another size, it is 90-120 days turnaround time. Contact Me: Andrew Boczar andrew@tetondistillery.com • 250 (new) Gallon Pot Still With Copper Column available for sale. • Copper Onion Top • Stainless Steel Dephlegmator Cap • 18 Inch Diameter Shotgun Style Condenser • 3-Phase AC Agitation Moto
  4. In the past, I've helped customers, who asked, to lay out their distilleries. Unfortunately, because of my current work load, it is not possible for me to do the drawings anymore because they can be very time consuming. So I thought that I could put some basic info on here, that may help people do their layouts. The layout suggestions below certainly do not fit all spaces and scenarios, but they can be used as a rough reference to lay out a distillery so as to have good production flow through. These basic layouts work best in completely open spaces and so they do not account for stora
  5. I am interested to see if there is anyone who has had experience with Confederate Stills of Alabama. They have a lot of beautiful looking products on there website, and I would like to see if anyone can share there personal experience with the stills, cypress fermentation tanks and as well as other products produced. If so, could you please touch on efficiency, performance, durability, maintenance, cleaning, price point, and service you experienced; as well as overall thoughts, suggestions, recommendations.
  6. A.B.E.’s Patriot Craft Still Series™ brings the latest technology to the craft distillation market. With its industry-leading “Wattson Automation Platform ™” ABE stills offer you peace of mind knowing that your production is being monitored from start to finish. Trendsetting features like data logging, remote temperature monitoring, and recipe logs set a new standard for this affordable production equipment. A.B.E.’s stills are constructed of Type 2 copper and 304 stainless steel, giving you both the durability and the qualities you require, to produce a first-class spi
  7. 3000liter New still is in stock,which can be used for making vodka,gin,whiskey,brandy,rum,tequila etc. steam heated,gin basket,4 whisky plates,24 vodka plates,3 spirits tank,CIP cleaning pipes and CIP pump etc. UL certificate and explosion proof motor $130,000 ready to be shipped at any time. (By the way,7*3000liter fermenter with agitator, 1*3000liter mash/lauter tun with agitator , 6*10000liter wine fermenter with agitator are also in stock.) Please contact me at daey0013@dayuwz.com if any interests.
  8. I have a budget 70-150k I want a copper still is a must. Fermenters stainless steel. And want to be able to produce large amounts if needed with this budget please recomend all products you suggest and company's that you would stay away from.
  9. Did you know we build continuous stills? We have several types and we build them custom to what works best for the customer. We computer model each and every unit for maximum performance. We tune each one and run it on a computer model before starting the first weld. We have a couple new turn key models coming out that will be skid mount with steam generator (or no steam generator) for simple use. We are currently completing our line of single pass continuous stills, no more just stripping, now do just one and done! Plus the best thing is these will sell for a very very inexpens
  10. Anyone has ex[eroemce with Olympic Distillers? Looking for a 150 to 200 gallon still. They seem to have competitive pricing. On the topic of pricing...is there really a difference is a $100,000 Forsythe or Corson still and a $20,000 or so Olympic or Affordable Distilling still? thanks
  11. We are having a 60 day sale on stills and other equipment. We are still going strong and plan to be here for years to come. We are having the sale simply to increase our sales volume. We have great equipment and a great reference list. We have equipment in well over 200 distilleries. Some of our larger stills are priced tens of thousands lower than our already low regular prices. For example the 800 gallon Pro Series pot still below is marked down to $38,494.75 from the already low price of $52,494.00 That is a savings of $13,649.25 Click here https://distillery-equipment.com/stil
  12. Hi guys, We're in the market for a couple of large stills, both upwards to 1000 gal, one for whiskey, one for everything else. We've been having trouble either having companies get back to us, or the prices are too high. We've reached out to Vendome (still waiting for them), Koethe (too pricey) and Trident. We're looking for an American manufacturer preferably, but are willing to consider others if the price and quality is right. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!
  13. Our distillery, Kentucky Artisan Distillery, in Kentucky is increasing capacity and we have used equipment for sale. This includes 300 gallon ss tanks,- open top, 600 gallon ss tanks with lids, 500 gallon and 1000 gallon steam jacketed cookers, two 50 gallon electric stills, heat exchangers, 4 station gravity filler, small PS labeler, pumps, chill filter system, etc. call Steve at 5024949841 for more information. Will sell or trade, We are not a dealer but a micro distillery.
  14. My family is getting into the spirits industry and i have been tasked specifically with vodka production. Im new to the spirits industry but i do have a degree in chemistry which i assume could benefit me in this industry and im sure will help me to understand some of the lingo that is used by you fellow alcohol connoisseurs. Now lets get to why I've started this thread. I've been doing research and what i have found is that the type of still needed and the type of starch source used is very important. Can anyone tell me the best type of still to be used to produce premium grade vodka and if i
  15. Our distillery, Kentucky Artisan Distillery, in Kentucky is increasing capacity and we have used equipment for sale. This includes 300 gallon ss tanks,- open top, 600 gallon ss tanks with lids, 500 gallon and 1000 gallon steam jacketed cookers, two 50 gallon electric stills, heat exchangers, 4 station gravity filler, small PS labeler, pumps, chill filter system, etc. call Steve at 5024949841 for more information. Will sell or trade, We are not a dealer but a micro distillery.
  16. Has anyone else had difficulty getting equipment delivered on time? Or even in the realm of on time? What about quality issues? Equipment delivered that was essentially not manufactured correctly and working properly or parts missing? Customer service that disappears right after the sales part of it? I feel like there's got to be others out there who have dealt with this from supposedly reputable manufacturers. It's beginning to feel like an epidemic of everything that I purchase. I do my research and talk with references, etc. It literally doesn't seem to help.
  17. Dellmation


    Hello, I am new to the industry as an investor in a Craft Spirit company. Does anyone have any guidance for me on finding the right still? I mean how to approach even finding the right still for us. O
  18. Good Day, I am new to the forums! I am in a new distillery. Brand new start up! Having a blast but still selection and creation are a maze! Any guidance would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  19. Any suggestions on where I begin? I am a new investor to the Craft Distillery business and I need help. Any suggestions on where I start. This is something that just happened and I usually know everything there is to know about my investments prior to investing. HA. Any tips on still selection, construction, vendors and suppliers will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  20. Hello All, I am new to the forums and I just got involved with a Craft Distillery in Tennessee. I am in pre-license phase and will take any pointers that I can get on the forums. Thanks for having me and I look forward to the ADI forums.
  21. Finally executed a lease and I could use some help finalizing my still designs and power generation choice. I have attached our processing unit schematics. My cousin, a former Seneca master fabricator is completing the work. We are going to purchase a NG boiler and I would like to design a system that utilizes both DSI for the corn mashing and a closed loop for the for the stripping and spirits stills. My questions are related to size of boiler to purchase and how to best do both the DSI and loop, as well as... Will my system work? What advice have you got on the designs? What size boiler
  22. Prospero Equipment is now offer stills in the United States and Canada. Some past installations and pictures we have done can be found on our website. Please feel free to call or email for more information or interest. Stills are made in Italy by Barison Corporation. All parts, service and warranties are covered through Prospero here in the United States. LINK TO PICTURE GALLERY: http://www.prosperoequipment.com/gallery/pictures/distilleries -- Matt DiDonato Prospero Equipment Corp. Phone: (914) 769-6252 Fax: (914) 769-6786 E-mail: mdidonato@prosperocorp.biz Website: www.p
  23. Some of our California Artisanal Distillers Guild members may know that I've had an ongoing interest in manufacturing distilled spirits. It's fair to say that after a certain number of years in the brewing business most of us start thinking about making spirits, as a natural continuation of the processes we are already involve with. I am at that point in my career where distilling no longer interests me as a business start-up operation. Consequently, I am letting go of the distilling equipment I've kept in storage. I would love to see someone put this into operation and good use. So, I have
  24. Had a lot of interest in this earlier but no sale. I may have missed some of your emails. I am asking $35,000. Located in the Kansas City area. There is a possibility that I could deliver or meet half way. Would love to get this out of the way and clear up some space. Email: hayeskelman@gmail.com
  25. Just wondering, What type of experiences have people had with the chinese producers from Alibaba? Any manufactures to avoid? Any whom you've had an excellent experience with? I'm looking specifically for some smaller scale ( <500L ) stainless tanks for blending, holding and transferring. I started looking at basic tanks but there is so much available and like many of you out there, I dont have huge amounts of money. So every dollar I can save on the startup is golden. -Dave
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