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Found 20 results

  1. I was hoping people would share some of their more successful events that they do within their tasting rooms to drive traffic and revenue. Hopefully, this helps others as well. Thanks in advance for sharing.
  2. Here is an update to ADI's Survey of Distillery Tasting Room Laws. If you know of any changes in state laws or corrections please email me at eric@distilling.com Cheers. 2017 Survey of Distillery Tasting Room Laws.pdf
  3. Surf City Still Works is the first distillery to operate in Huntington Beach. We have a clear vision of where we are headed and what our values are, and we are looking for a new team member who is just as excited as we are about our future. We treat everyone with respect and work continuously to cultivate a work environment where we can all grow and thrive together. Since we are a Craft Distillery and do not operate a kitchen at our current location, we are limited to serving 1.5oz per person unless it is a private event by CA law. We will be building out a kitchen in our new location which will lift the 1.5oz limit. Our team is a cohesive and supportive group who has an aligned focus on our future & vision. We have been fortunate enough to be the first to distill and bring craft spirits to Huntington Beach, and we aim to continue educating those in the greater Orange County area about the craft spirits industry. We believe a rising tide lifts all boats so we have cultivated a positive and supportive relationship with surrounding distilleries, who would otherwise be called our "competition". The successful candidate will be someone who is excited about our growth, has values that are aligned with ours, has an interest in the craft cocktail culture, and is willing to learn the skills required to prepare and make the cocktails on our menu. The successful candidate will also have strong guest service skills and previous experience as a bartender and/or bar back. The role you will be applying for will impact our operations greatly. You will assist our head bartender in a way that allows the cocktail making process to flow smoothly and efficiently. In the meantime, we will train you on how to make our cocktails and the culture behind the craft cocktail world so that you will be fully prepared to handle shifts on your own. Our customers come in with the expectation that their cocktail(s) will be spectacularly made and Instagram-worthy (kind of kidding on the IG part, but not really...). The skills we will teach you will allow you to meet their expectations every time, and then some. Responsibilities: - Assisting the head bartender in prepping, garnishing, clearing, cleaning, etc. - Delivering cocktails to guests - Closing out guests in a timely fashion (we use Square, which is really easy to use) - Knowledge of our cocktail menu to better assist the head bartender - Help with opening & closing tasks as needed Requirements: - Great people skills - Upbeat personality - Open availability - At least 1 year prior experience as a bartender - Knowledge of craft spirits & experience in creating craft cocktails a plus Potential Roles this position could lead to: - Head Bartender - Mixologist - Tasting Room Manager - Distilling Assistant - Warehouse Manager Please respond to info@surfcitystillworks.com with you resume and a brief note about how you see yourself in this position. Cheers!
  4. Hello All, I am working on a 2019 update for ADI's Survey of Tasting Room Laws. I got a request to track which states expressly limit distillery tours and or tasting room access to persons who are 21 or older. Please let me know your state and if there is a age restriction for people who visit (not taste or drink in) your distillery. Thank you.
  5. Hey Guys i need your feedback from the experienced distiller on the layout of out future distillery, let me know what you think and i take all comments in consideration to avoid mistakes. Here's the video of my virtual tour of our distillery. en virtual tour feedback.avi
  6. We have a current DSP with our bonded areas marked off along with our tasting room and retail. We are located inside a mill complex and have one of the units. Recently another unit became available 10 feet down the hall from us and we are planning to expand into it. Our plan is to keep our current location and just use it for production and alcohol storage operations while moving our tasting room and retail into the new unit. Both units are located at the same address but have a different unit #. What/how do I process this change with the TTB and what is the expected turnaround time? Cheers
  7. Anyone have ideas on how to reduce the noise from my still mixer/auger. Its very loud and we have a super small distillery with a tasting room at one end. I am trying to make it so I can produce and sell bottles at the same time, its difficult with the mixing blade going. I tried building a plywood box around it and it didn't help much, also tried acrylic. Its also hard to tell if it helped at all, after listening to it all day. Any ideas?
  8. Anyone have ideas on how to reduce the noise from my still mixer/auger. Its very loud and we have a super small distillery with a tasting room at one end. I am trying to make it so I can produce and sell bottles at the same time, its difficult with the mixing blade going. I tried building a plywood box around it and it didn't help much, also tried acrylic. Its also hard to tell if it helped at all, after listening to it all day. Any ideas?
  9. ZAK Cooperage, located in historic Athertonville, Kentucky just 10 miles south of Bardstown, is now offering promotional products in addition to our line of 53 gallon barrels and soon to be released 30 gallon barrels. Bar Barrel Display Cases come with battery operated display lights. Excellent for displaying merchandise in a gift shop, tasting room, etc. Currently on sale for $360. Custom Engraved Barrel Heads make great wall hangings and brand displays. Currently on sale for $75. These along with other items can be found on our Promotional Products webpage: https://squareup.com/store/ZAKCooperage More promotional items are in the pipeline to be released, and we would be happy to hear what you would be interested in us offering. We can offer discounts when ordered with our 53 gallon barrels or in larger quantities. Contact Zach.Zimlich@gmail.com or go to http://www.zakcooperage.com/ for inquiries.
  10. The TTB permit tutorial states: Did you know that tasting rooms for Distilled Spirits Plants: Cannot be on bonded premises nor can they be on general premises. You must have an area that is completely segregated from the distillery. Any information regarding tasting rooms/retail areas should not be listed in the application information. It should be shown on the diagram so we can ensure sufficient segregation and separate entrances for that area and the distillery. I have attached a basic sketch of my proposed layout for my micro-distillery. I have a 50 gallon tower still and the space I am leasing used to be a micro-brewery, FYI the footprint of the space is 375 SF. It's inside a mill building with other retail units, the space is already up to fire codes with sprinklers etc. However, where I plan to have the still is not separated by a wall. I was curious if the fact that the production area is in one corner away from the tasting if that would meet the TTB demands. Any help on this topic would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance. layout.pdf
  11. Dear brothers and sisters in booze, Got a phone call today from a guy named Joe Leavy at ASCAP. The American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP) is a membership organization owned and run by more than 576,000 songwriters, composers, and music publisher members. With our annual music license, your business has permission to play any of the millions of songs in the ASCAP repertory - whether through an MP3 player or streaming service, karaoke, DJ or live band. To view our entire repertory online, please visit www.ascap.com/ace. My understanding from the brief conversation is that they are targeting craft breweries, wineries and distilleries since as they understand it, live or recorded music is generally part of the business model and enhances the tasting room experience. He is using the ADI Directory so I would expect a call or e-mail in the near future. Here are my questions: Has anyone had any experience with these folks? Is the annual licensing fee actually required? If I am playing the radio and listening to a local station (recorded music) is this still required? From the last conference I met several attorneys who are now attorney/distillers, love to hear from you on the legal ramifications.
  12. Hello friends, Looking for info on fire seperation required between distillery: F1 (moderate hazard manufacturing) and tasting room: M (mercantile) tasting room is less than 10% of total square footge if that maters. Greatly appreciate any help you can offer.
  13. Since the beginning of the year I have been collecting information on the different state laws that govern distillery tasting room laws around the country. I completed the survey and the results have been published in the Fall 2015 issue of Distiller Magazine. Since this is a very important topic I wanted to post the information from the survey here. If there are any errors in the survey please email me eric@distilling.com to let me know. ADI 2015 Survey of State Tasting Room Laws for Craft Distilleries.pdf
  14. Good afternoon folks and congrats on the success you all are having, the jobs you're creating and the fantastic products you're creating. I'm Kyle Rheiner - an insurance agent that specializes the insurance for Craft Distilleries and Breweries. I'm outside Philadelphia, PA, and I run www.craftdistillinginsurance.com I work with the majority of the distilleries and breweries in PA and NJ and have began to expand into Texas (we insure 4 here), Tennessee, NY, CT, DE, MD, and so on. Here's an interview I did regarding Liquor Liability Insurance with one of the largest insurance magazines in the country, and this article sent me to New Orleans to speak on a panel about specializing in a niche. We insure over 40 craft breweries and distilleries. It's all I do. Read my Interview with IndAgent Mag! Whether you're a startup or established, we have the experience. Cheers, Kyle Rheiner craftdistillinginsurance.com kyle@craftbrewinginsurance.com 610-217-8685
  15. Hello, ADI is collecting information so that we have an accurate picture of different state laws that govern distillery tasting rooms around the country. Once we have all the information I will compile it into a document that will be made available for any distiller or guild working to get more favorable laws passed in their state. Please follow the link and complete our survey. https://www.regonline.com/tastingroomlawsbystate_1683647
  16. Good morning! We have an opportunity to move our tasting room from a rather industrial, off-the-beaten-path location, to a high-traffic area in a very cool Main Street building. My question is, what kind of hoops do you need to jump through to make this happen at the Federal level. I don't think we'll have any problem with the state or the city. The rent is $250/month and we can be in there before Christmas. We have t-shirts, books and, of course, our vodka (soon gin and whiskey) to sell. Thank you. Cheers/ Brian
  17. ADI would like all distillers to know that you can sell any or all of the books that ADI publishes from your gift shop or tasting room. We sell the books to you at the wholesale price and then you can sell them for the suggested retail price. There is no minimum order and no requirement to buy certain titles. I have attached our current catalogue of books which contains pricing information for each title. If you have any questions or would like to place an order please contact Gail Sands by email gail@distilling.com or by phone (707) 490-2298 We are also offering distilleries with tasting rooms and gift shops, 10 complimentary copies of Distiller Magazine. The magazine has a barcode and can be resold for $10 USD or $15 Canadian Dollars. If you would like to receive your complimentary copies for resale contact Gail. White Mule Press Spring 2015 Wholesale Catalog.pdf
  18. ADI Members, Thanks again for all your support with your Marketing Myth Countdown series! It has allowed us to get to know many of you and we are grateful! We've just posted the final entry for this blog series. This week's myth is a two-headed monster: (1) "We Don't Have A Marketing Department"; AND (2) "We Have A Marketing Department." You'll just have to read this one for it to make sense … http://www.fuelevents.net/#!fuel-blog/c22sz Also, check out this week's featured distilleries: High Ridge Spirits from Alabama and Wood's High Mountain Distillery out of Colorado. Remember, Fuel NW is here to serve the Craft Distilling community. If you want to find out how we can help your distillery, contact us! There's a link for that on our website. Or, if you ever just want to talk shop, we're down for that too! Finally, if you're traveling through Portland and want to meet up for a cocktail, we love making new friends! Thanks again ADI! Jen & Erika Fuel NW www.fuelevents.net 971-678-2602
  19. So we're just seeing our product on shelves locally here in NC (hooray!), and soon I'll be opening up the tasting room on Satudays. My insurance company is emphasizing the need for liquor liability insurance, which carries a minimum cost of $1,000 / year. That seems extra-ordinarily high to me, especially because it's a policy designed for bars / restaurants. Pouring a single .5 oz sample is a pretty different, and I've tried to explain this. How many tasting rooms bother with this extra insurance? I'll be open 4 days a month, serving a third of a drink. It just doesn't seem like the risk/reward is really favorable here.
  20. Hello, y'all I'm going for it, and I need y'all to try to talk me out of it. Just kidding, sort of. I've been putting together a business plan (which for me consists of staring at a computer screen for and hour and then typing one sentence) to start an artisan distillery. I am currently in the throws of making some big decisions regarding the operation, and this forum is priceless for helping me put these decisions into perspective. My first thought, being a novice business owner with little capital to invest, was to start as small as possible. I originally wanted to rent a small warehouse and produce 3 to 4 really good, simple products. Then I get on this site and read all the kudos for tasting rooms and now I'm rethinking everything. I then had the idea that, if I opened an establishment that served local spirits (I live in Colorado, and would feature all-Colorado beverages) I might be able to turn a profit while I waited for the TTB, etc. Then I thought "ow". My brain started to hurt from all of the conflicting calculations and permutations of visions. So now I'm back to the simple warehouse o' liquor idea. Thing is, I also think I eventually want a tasting room of some sort. I'm a musician (banjo, fiddle, and guitar player..and I'm missing a few teeth...kind of makes me a natural for this business, I think) and I plan to incorporate music into most every aspect of my business, from marketing to having dag-gum square dances in the tasting room (when I get one). So all of this comes in to the mix. Brain dump done. So I'm feeling kind of stuck right now. I'm thinking that my next step is to hire a mentor/advisor from one of the many who have posted here. I welcome any and all advice y'all have regarding...well....anything to do with opening a craft distillery. Mostly I need the warnings, which is what I meant by y'all talking me out of it. As many heads up of dangers as you can give me, I'd appreciate. Also, if folks here could recommend a good consultant to hire, that would probably be the thing I need to get my direction back. (Professional consultants don't go recommending yourself, now...I wanna hear it from those who have used your services). Thanks in advance for all future advice and thanks in retrospect for all the info I've already gotten.
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