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Found 11 results

  1. Still Austin Whiskey Co. in Austin, TX (map)is seeking a group of reliable part time bottlers for approx 16-24 hours per week. These would be 8 hour days, between 2-3 days a week, generally during the work week, but some shifts may occur on weekends occasionally. Involves standing for long periods of time. Lifting generally no more than 15-20 pounds. Products to be bottled vary. Must be available at least two days a week. Pay up to $13/hr, depending on experience. Starting as early as Weds 2/13/19. Reply to harry@stillaustin.com
  2. Hi! I’m ready to get going on my suburban downtown microdostillery and I’m looking for a lawyer familiar with Texas to help with all of the intellectual property, TM, and DSP stuff. I’ve heard that lawyers with distillery specific experience are super helpful. Any suggestions? I’m just North of Austin. Thanks!
  3. Hi, We are a group of guys who have been talking about starting our own Nordic craft distillery in Texas. The Burbon scene is quite mature down here and apart from a few vodka distilleries there is not a whole lot more different craft distilleries around. Myself being originally from Sweden I believe there are some great new spirits I would like to bring to the US such as Schnapps, mulled Wine and nordic style single malt whiskeys. We are currently in the very early steps to build a business case and I wanted to join here to read more about what other have done and hopefully be a part of this community. we are planning on running a wide style of products but are looking for a Islay style pot still set up with a hybrid column reroute in order to also do high end vodka based products. starting small for us is key. please feel free to recommend any equipment suppliers you guys recommend as well as TTB lawyers in the North Texas region. looking forward to learn more on here /J
  4. Previously listed for lease and no responses - Looking at selling off the distillery - turn key - roughly 40K, great location in the country but close to major college town and about 10 million people within a two hour drive. long term lease available on the property with lots of room to grow and expand. Distillery building is 1,500. square feet, tasting room, unfinished is roughly 700sqft. 5 acres perfect for concerts and events. Five minutes from Chuck Norris's house and C-Force Water - we use the same aquifer.
  5. Dallas Distilleries Inc is looking to hire an assistant distiller to work in Garland Texas. Experience preferred. Please send resumes to mlouis@hermanmarshall.com
  6. We've got a small distillery in Central Texas, kicking the idea around of leasing out the distillery. The main building is approximately 1,500 sqft with a separate building built for a tasting room 640sqft that is unfinished. Nice 5 acre property with a small lake, rolling hills in the area. Lot's of Saturday, motorcycle/sports car traffic. Great set up for tastings, concerts, festivals etc. limitless potential. 60K college students 20 miles away and roughly over 7 million people within an hour and half radius. This would be for a 5 year triple net lease with a 20K - 25K deposit held in escrow. We would still retain our brands and develop new ones, just thinking about getting out of the operation end of things and focus more on sales and marketing. Permits are current and would have to be assigned or new ones applied. This is a turnkey small distillery, nothing fancy but 4 years of hard work already in place.
  7. Hello, We are far a long in the planning process for our distillery which will be located in South Texas. I started my DSP application, still has been ordered, and boiler was just about to be ordered. Here is a little background about our project. We are located in Beeville TX, a small town located in the coastal bend of Texas. We purchased a 3.5 acre tract of land outside the city limits thinking that we would be able to escape the bureaucracy of the city building inspector etc. The distillery site is located outside of city services, so we knew that we were going to have to drill a well and to install a septic system. A couple of weeks ago, our civil engineer tells us that if we plan to use a well, it would have to be a public water utility. This means we would have to have all the equipment that a municipality would have including a water operator. We were aware that we would have to have the water tested and use RO for our proofing water. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) stipulates that if we plan on serving more than 25 people every sixty days, we would have become a public water utility and are not able to allow our waste water to drain into our septic system. They stipulate that we either have to store it in an underground tank and have it hauled away as if it were a hazardous chemical. Those of us in the industry know that the chemicals are all food grade and that they are heavily diluted with water and pose no problem to the environment. My question is this, has anyone run into this type of issue with the TCEQ or state equivalent? If so, how were you able to get this issue solved? I have had to hire a lawyer who understands all the state regulations and if we have to treat the water as a hazardous chemical, this could be a deal-breaker for us and we would then be forced to sell the property and move to the city. Any advice or help would be much appreciated. Thanks Travis
  8. An Austin, Texas distillery is seeking a Master Distiller ready to spread his/her creative wings and be part of a superior team launching an innovative new brand. The distillery, a “grain to glass” facility, is scheduled to open in Austin in the fall of 2015. See attached PDF for full job description and contact information.
  9. I am the owner at Yellow Rose Distilling, Houston’s first legal whiskey distillery. After several years of planning, Yellow Rose is in the process of building a new distillery and tasting room, in the heart of Houston. We are well on their way, but it’s now time to install the equipment and setup the tasting room. These are very exciting times and we want you to be involved! Yellow Rose is using a cool program called Kickstarter (www.kickstarter.com) to help engage the local community and raise awareness of our brand. If you are not familiar with Kickstarter, it’s an online site that allows startup businesses to reward friends, customers and others with special amenities. In exchange, givers provide a donation to help the business complete a specified task. In the case of Yellow Rose, we are raising $25,000 to help with the build-out of the distillery and tasting room. In exchange, some really cool rewards are being offered. Example rewards include, whiskey barrels, maple syrup, whiskey barrel bar tables, special events, private parties, mixology classes and distillery training classes. There are some higher end rewards, that I hope many of you will find interesting and helpful. We are offering single day and week long learning experiences. We already have 4 Double Gold medal winning whiskeys, and many have asked if we already offer classes to learn the distilling, distribution, sales and marketing sides of owning a distillery. This is your opportunity to help a new distillery and learn more of the craft for yourself. This is the perfect opportunity for someone who is interested in starting their own distillery. The power of this campaign is in numbers. Even small donations and rewards add up quickly if we can get everyone on board! Kickstarter is unique because it is all or nothing! If we make our goal, we will get funded, but if we do not reach our goal, we get nothing. Please consider our request and help us get the word out about our campaign! At the conclusion of the Kickstarter we will be hosting a “go green” event celebrating the success and opening of our distillery. We hope you can join us, it will be a great time! Thanks for your support and time, Ryan Baird www.start.yellowrosedistilling.com
  10. Dry Creek Distillery, Houston business based with the distillery in Anderson, TX, (1:20 hour from downtown Houston). The DSP was approved today on the 23rd of August. DCD will be using a Still Dragon an 8 plate, 8 inch still with a 55 gallon boiler. Hopefully on the shelves in the Houston area around November. Dry Creek Hand Crafted Spirits Made in Texas
  11. Yellow Rose Distilling is a new distillery located just North of Houston, Texas. Our DSP permit came in at the end of last year and we are in the process of working with the state. We expect our permiting to be complete by the end of January. We will initially focus on our Outlaw Bourbon Whiskey made from 100% Texas organic corn and aged in small oak barrels. Later in the year we will likely launch a single malt as well. Feel free to visit us on the web at www.yellowrosedistilling.com. We are excited about the ADI community and have used many of the supplier suggestions already to help with our launch. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us! thanks, Yellow Rose Distilling
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