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Found 5 results

  1. I have (4) 400 Gallon AAA Metal tanks for sale - These are 400 Gallon AAA Metal above ground tanks for flammable liquids. These were designed for distillery use and where never installed. They are as new and mostly wrapped in the original plastic from the manufacturer. These are UL listed and stamped with UL number. They are equipped with multiple ports and a bolt on top manay. They do not include valves. Price is per tank. These are in Portland, Oregon and competitive shipping options are available. Please call or email me for additional information. Selling Price - $2900 each Jason 503-780-4681
  2. Hello, We are scaling our operation to a larger Hagyo Distilling still and have our current automated available still for sale. The still is 119 Gallons (450 Liters) and consists of a pot, reflux column, and condenser. The still has been in operation for two years and has been used to rectify GNS and distill grain, fruit, and vegetable mashes. Highly efficient column design and automation give you precise controls of the distillation process. Please send me a message if interested. Asking price is $69,500. Marat
  3. My systems are all electric, so separation is a must. At the moment, I have a way to separate via a press, but the press requires a hiccup in the process flow while it is filled/pressed/emptied. I would love to have a Russell Finex machine, but 20k (as I hear they cost) is not a doable number right now. I know Dehner started a thread about a version of this that he is designing, but does anyone know of a secondary market for equipment like this? Are there any other manufacturers making something like this for a lower price? Alternatively, for those unable to distill on grain, how are you separating solids from your wash? Any input appreciated. ( )
  4. We are sizing up (yaay!) and are parting ways with our workhorse Artisan Still Design 150 column-hybrid still and it's matching Mash cooker. Both are steam powered and are in awesome shape. We are proud regional representatives for ASD and we're the test site for this experimental model. It is, and Steven Cage can sharpen this description if you ask him, basically the test version of the 2013/2014 column hybrid lineup. This is a turnkey setup. We're selling the still, the mash tun and all the controllers. It's a freaking awesome setup. The still: Steam jacketed, 150 gallon charge. 4 plate solid copper column, each tray has 5 bubble caps. Deflegamater WITH automated defleg controller and valves See-thru condenser (looks absolutely beautiful) Kettle has a light, new agitator and mount from Mixers Direct. INCLUDES VFD for the motor (220v single or three phase is ok) Kettle has onion style head and is solid copper Bottom 4" drain, 1.5" thru wall temp probe The Mash cooker: Steam powered, matched for size with the still (150 gallons) Open top for ease of cleaning, adding grain and letting off heat. I happen to love this design Bottom 4" drain 1.5" thru wall temp probe 1.5 HP agitator with VF Drive for controlling the motor (220v single or three phase is ok) Oversized, custom made agitator paddles strong enough for mixing cement if you feel it necessary Any folks that know how we operate will know this gear is well cared for. Our gear is immaculate, passivated, tight and sound. There are zero defects. Zero. This kit will last several more lifetimes, so in my estimation, it's as good as new. It is a steal at $60,000 FOB. That's right, both the still and the mash cooker are $60,000 total. FOB means if you want it shipped, that’s extra. Wanna come see it in action? No problem, talk to Farmer. Wanna take a couple days to come and work on it while it's still pumping out spirit? Why not? We like the company. Contact farmer@sixandtwentydistillery.com for details. No equipment agents or re-sellers, please. This deal is meant to spread some good ASD karma to the small guys. Cheers!
  5. Hello, I'm in St. Louis and I'm looking around trying to find a used, nat-gas powered steam boiler that is in good working order. And obviously it needs to be relatively inexpensive to fit in my budget. Everything I've seen is $12-20+k. I'm looking for something in the 750,000-1,000,000 BTU range to heat my 500 gallon mash cooker and 200 gallon still. Up to 15 PSI (low/atmospheric pressure) is what my jacketed kettles are rated to. If it came with a blow down tank (if necessary) and/or a condensate return system, well that would be a huge plus. If you have a boiler, or maybe you're looking to size up and need to get rid of your current one, or if you know where one is, please let me know! Feel free to contact me off the forum at: David@still630.com Also, if you're in or around St. Louis area, and you know of a reputable, reliable, and cost-effective company to do the process piping for the boiler lines, please shoot me an email and let me know! Thanks, Dave
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