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  1. I am trying to decide on what filter sizes to use for bottling our whisky (aged for 3 years and we are using non chill filtration). Apologies for another post on this topic as I have seen quite a few on here but they haven't really answered my question. From literature and posts here I see that a common filter pore size is around 1 micron, with many of you using 5 micron and then 0.5 micron. I spoke to a filtration company who have lots of experience with this type of work and they informed me that small changes in the filter size (eg 1 micron to 1.2 micron) can make significant chan
  2. Brand new Kothe 2000 purchased April 2020. Beautiful piece of equipment everything on the list. In stock in Quebec, Canada, ready to ship. Still crated form Germany, brand new Current leadtime to obtain such a piece of equipment is over 12 months. Available to inspect Everything that came with the machine is included, please note list of options with machine Asking 190,000.00 $ USD FOB and crated without the mash tun Mashtun Was sold Serious inquiries only
  3. 4 Inch Copper Still55 Gallon Rolled American Steel BoilerCopper MeshBoiler Temperature GaugeStill Temperature GaugeFire, Steam or Electric Heating ElementsWater or Glycol Condenser and HosesRound Fitted Cart $1400 Jackson 760 644 6806
  4. Pot Still 4 Inch Copper Still 55 Gallon Rolled American Steel Boiler Copper Mesh Boiler Temperature Gauge Still Temperature Gauge Fire, Steam, or Electric Heating Elements Water or Glycol Condenser and Hoses Round Fitted Rolling Cart $2000 Jackson 760 644 6806
  5. Gidday, I own a small company in the outback of Australia called Fosseys. We are based in a small country town called Mildura. We make Gin and Whisky Our local area is known for making wine amongst other things, and we have a strong long summer days with clear skies and great soiled, not much in the way of rain, but it all makes for interesting drinkable products. My own personal background comes from making wine Fosseys Gin is a bit unique using grape spirit and several Australian native botanicals, at has proven to be very popular Fosseys Whisky uses our local malt barley
  6. Good morning everyone! I have a ton of hard red wheat that was grown for me by a local farmer/friend/neighbor that I will not be able to get through and would like to offer it up to other craft distillers. I don't have the exact variety in my memory (I can certainly get it if that's important to you) but the value of this wheat is that it is lower in protein (i.e. less foaming issues) than standard wheat that is sold on the market. It tested at 10.2% protein when we harvested, can/will test again for verification. This is in comparison to 14% protein which is what farmers target to not be
  7. Hello all, I'm looking to purchase a 2-3yr old Irish whisky. Initial order QTY will be 800 gallons, we're ok with barrels or totes. Total annual volume is likely 2,500 gallons. Please email quirk@cardinalcopacking.com. Thanks, Adam
  8. District Distilling Company (DDC) is seeking a motivated and hard-working individual to assist its Head Distiller in distilling, blending and aging operations in an award-winning craft distillery in one of the most dynamic markets in the United States. Job Responsibilities: · Assist in all aspects of distillery operations including but not limited to production, blending, aging, and bottling of distilled spirits. · Assist with equipment and facility maintenance. · Perform general warehousing such as moving barrels, palletizing cases, etc. ·
  9. Hi everyone, I am the founder of a new, pre-launch Whiskey brand based out of Los Angeles. We're fairly organized, but not yet staffed fully, and working to complete our first round of fundraising. I'm not a distiller, so I'm hoping to learn more about the process, and maybe find an experienced pro or two who are intrigued by the idea of getting involved with a vertically integrated mass-market brand at its inception. If anyone is located in LA and has professional Whiskey distilling experience, I'd love to meet up and maybe buy you a drink (gin, I'd imagine...). Great to meet you
  10. Distiller: Blackwater Distillery Blackwater Distillery has already made a name for itself as a producer of innovate and award-winning gins. Now we are moving to a new home and starting the production of Irish Whisky and that’s where you come in. The role Blackwater Distillery is seeking a suitably qualified distiller as we expand into the production of Irish whisky. Our new micro-distillery is due to open in September so the post is available with immediate effect. Working with our Creative Director Peter Mulryan, this position is focused solely on the production of Irish
  11. Do Good Distillery is looking to hire a Brewer/Distiller in Modesto, CA. Commercial brewing experience is a huge asset for this job, with distilling experience a definite bonus, but not mandatory. We have a solid training program where new hires gain valuable experience using several different stills, as well as basic inventory tracking and management, as well as production scheduling. A qualified candidate should have an excellent work ethic and interpersonal skills as we value our positive (fun) team environment. We offer competitive pay and benefits. You can learn more about our produc
  12. Looking for some insight and resolutions from anyone that has experienced the same situation... Currently working (more like forcing!) a whiskey COLA approval through. I teamed up with a local brewery to make the beer and I distilled it to produce a whiskey. To reflect this I stated "Distilled from full flavored craft beer" and TTB is not having it because the word "beer" shows up on a "distilled spirit" product. So they are requesting a formula approval. I explained that it is merely distilled from a beer mash just like any whiskey albeit a particular kind of beer mash (chocolate oatmeal sto
  13. If you cant find someone who fits the bill but they have the right personality and can do attitude we could train them to be a Distiller for you. https://blackbuttondistilling.com/product/master-distilling-course/ Let us know. Jason
  14. Bently Heritage (previously Nevada Heritage) is looking for a full-time Master Distiller. This is an exciting opportunity to join an innovative project from the ground up as we launch one of the first distilleries in the state of Nevada. OUR STORY: NEVADA HERITAGE, our upcoming craft distillery, will live up to its name by preserving the great traditions and heritage of Nevada and the Bently name, while stepping boldly into the future. Like the distilleries of a bygone era, we’ll use only local ingredients: Winter Rye, wheat, barley, corn and other grains will be sustainably and nat
  15. We are closing out our stocks of Fermentis Red Star Yeast which is a great yeast for producing bourbon, rye whisky, malt whisky, etc... The yeast is packaged in 10 kg sachets and each is available for $85 (+ shipping) which equates to $3.86 per pound. If you have been buying this yeast in the small, 500 gram packets, this pricing offers a substantial savings as this would equate to only .$ 4.25 per 500 grams! With careful handling and cool storage, this yeast may be repackaged for batch use. This is a one time, fixed sale price, no additional discounts are available. Spec sheet is attached
  16. I've got a new project underway: a whisky distilled from full-flavored craft beer. I'm teaming up with a local brewery for the mash/wash. Working on the stripping runs as I type. Really excited about this project, however, it is my first go using oak barrels... My goal is to produce a whisky with a flavor profile more reminiscent of the beer from which it was distilled rather than being oak dominant. With this goal I'm currently intending on using 15 gallon medium toast barrels. The hope is this will allow for a rather quick oaking (~6 months) that is still apparent but subtle. Since my goal
  17. I've got a new project underway: a whisky distilled from full-flavored craft beer. I'm teaming up with a local brewery for the mash/wash. Working on the stripping runs as I type. Really excited about this project, however, it is my first go using oak barrels... My goal is to produce a whisky with a flavor profile more reminiscent of the beer from which it was distilled rather than being oak dominant. With this goal I'm currently intending on using 15 gallon medium toast barrels. The hope is this will allow for a rather quick oaking (~6 months) that is still apparent but subtle. Since my goal
  18. Hi all, My name is Dave and I'm addicted to distillery operations. I live in Michigan and am working toward opening a small distillery. We have fairly liberal state laws regarding 'small distilleries' here, but we still need to navigate the TTB stuff. I've been developing my product by learning what I can about fermenting to create a consistently decent mash - so far sugar mash, apple wine and grain mashes have worked pretty well. Then the mash is distilled at contract distilleries to make vodka, whisky and apple brandy. My goal at the moment is consistency so I'm designing repeatable pro
  19. Call or email for help. John Couchot 503-577-6610 j_couchot@hotmail.com Overview: Developed award winning sprits and beer recipes Started floor malting facility and micro malt roasting. Manger of distillery and brewery operations Worked with multiple outside partners to create new beers. Find and source local and novel grains and adjuncts for brewing Brewing experience includes sake, cider, wine and meads. Experience with set up, maintenance and repair of brewery and distilling equipment Professional Experience: 2/06 – 9/12 Rogue Ales Newport, Oregon Master Distiller Head
  20. Hi, We are looking for a production manager for our new single malt whisky distillery in Israel: The Milk & Honey Distillery. Anyone you can recommend for the job? Job description can be found on our website and on our Facebook page. Recommendations and ideas are welcome. Thanks!
  21. Hello to all. I am beginning the process of opening an outlet in Vancouver BC Canada. I was "validated" by the forum early this morning and because I have mined ADI for tips and advice for some time I want to thank all the members here for their help. I am looking forward to contributing here.
  22. Hi guys any ideas who could supply me with ex-bourbon 53 gallon barrels? What would the difference in cost be between new barrels and used barrels. If you have experience in this area, an average cost would be good- I realise it depends on several factors. Thanks in advance.
  23. Hello, My partners and I are interested in buying quantities of aged whiskey, either rye or bourbon. We have already contacted MDP (Lawrenceburg) and are waiting to hear back. I am curious if anyone cares to share how much they have paid per barrel for whiskey, any type or age. Thanks, Adam
  24. FOR SALE 750ml Kaleido Glass from O-I. These bottles can be packed in either 12-Packs or 6-Packs of unmarked, brown corrugate cases upon request. We have 400 cases available and can sell in lower quantities. Pricing: $20.45 per case (12-PK or 2X6-PK) Shipping will be arranged by buyer from NW Paperbox out of Portland, OR. Please see attached photo of bottle. Please contact Colin at choward@housespirits.com if interested. Thanks!
  25. Hello, I am brand spanking new to this forum and relatively new to the exciting world of making Whisky. I would like to perfect a small batch recipe that falls under the TTB guidelines of a “Whisky”. Right now I am creating a mash of 2lbs Rye, 2lbs Wheat and 2 lbs or 2 Row Barley Malt. All cracked from a small mill. After boiling the Rye and Wheat into a nice gelatinized soup, I bring my pot to about 155 degF by adding more water and then adding the Malted Barley to convert the Rye and Wheat starches to sugar and keep at this temp for about an hour while stirring. I then pour all this int
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