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Pink vodka/Gin


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Hey guys I'm coming out with hopefully a pink gin/vodka soon.  However, I'm having trouble with the coloring.  I tried hibiscus to be as natural as possible.  It was a little to purple then got kinda brown.  I tried Carmine, it also was a little to purple.  But with less it was a nice pink.  However, After 3 weeks it lost almost all of its coloring.  Do you guys know what the pink gins are using for coloring.  I am pretty sure they are adding color, but what? 


Thank you everybody.

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There are a few more natural (and naturalish) colors you might try, some beet/vegetable extracts, carmic acid, they tend to sort red-purple (hibiscus, beet) and red-orange (carmic acid) - a little red-purple seems to look more pink to me than a little red-orange. Most of the natural colorants in the pink-red-purple spectrum are going to fade to yellow-orange-brown over time.  The more you have of a pigment, the longer that takes (the oxidizing pigment acts as an antioxidant for the remaining, pulling o2 and ROS out of solution),.  So red will last a lot longer than pink, in the acceptable range.  Pink can fade to a nearly pee-like color of yellow, which is unappealing.  Dark glass helps but then you lose the marketing advantage (see absinthe discussions re green vs brown)


We decided that pink with natural was not doable (unless the product sold and was consumed very quickly, like 1-2 months tops from addition).  My supposition is that pink color in a clear glass bottle is synthetic food coloring.


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