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SAVER GLASS $0.50/bottle

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I have around 25,000 of this bottle left over from a private brand. I am looking to sell the lot or I can sell individual pallets as well. Minimum 1 pallet (1080/bottles/pallet) These are bulk packed 750ml 12x15x6layers with dividers to keep from scuffing and shrink wrapped, never been opened. I need the space in the warehouse and can quote freight if you give me an address. I am asking $0.50/bottle.

These are 28-350 Kerr screw top finished bottles, they can take the basic tamper evident caps you see in the market for 2 cents all the way to high end finished 28-350 caps with overshells (what we did was aluminum). The attachment from Saver Glass is a bartop THIS BOTTLE IS A SCREW TOP, see attached image. I can also connect you with cap provides if needed.

I can include for free 12pk corrugated cases until I run out (around 10-15k of these in stock) also I can connect you with our corrugated for re-makes if needed.

Willing to drop price for bulk offers. Please feel free to contact me via email or phone we are based in Washington State


Jesse Parker







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