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Blending spirit tank specification


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Hi guys,

Could you recommend tank specifications for cutting spirit with water?

We're going with a 1000 litre tank. At the moment we stir our spirit and water in a 500 litre vessel and bottle direct from that vessel.

For the 1000 litre tank we're looking at a concentric base with top and side manways. Does it need agitation? Or how would mixing be achieved - recirculation via pump and hose?

Any recommendations welcome. We blend/ cut our spirit by volume here in Ireland rather than by weight.

Image of what we're thinking attached.


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The regulations are more to do with how the strength of the spirit is to be calculated after distillation and before bottling. In Scotland and Ireland, blending is typically done by volume rather than by weight. We're permitted to blend by weight too.

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Volume for fill, weight for everything else.  Even in the case of fill, you verify your volume by weight.

To accurately calibrate your volume scale on that tank would still require you have some mechanism to weigh it.

The volume scale on those tanks is usually just a sticker, randomly applied, to hide the weld/seam under it.  It’s not intended for measuring.

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How I am planning to cover this...

1250 L Letina forklift-able tank that is open with a variable fill lid.  Clamp on small pneumatic agitator.  Proof by weight.  Pump to closed tank for resting.  Test proof before bottling.   Pump back to forklift-able tank, adjust for proof by weight if necessary, lift tank for gravity feed bottling or barrel-filling. 

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