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Hello from Paris !

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Hi everyone !

Thanks for accepting me on the forum. I live in Paris, and work with my associate Hervé on an organic craft gin that we called Lord of Barbès (referring to the Barbès neighborhood in Paris, in which our shop is located), and that we launched from scratch 2 years ago. As Barbès is the African neighborhood of Paris, we crafted the gin with African inspired ingredients : baobab fruit, grains of paraside, dried mango, etc. We bottle it in a blue cobalt apothecary flask which is tinted in the mass.

Before joining this adventure, I used to work for one of France's main spirit distributor, and even before, I used to be a financial analyst in renewable energies and large infrastructures !

I joined the forum to try to better understand the market in the US and common industry practises in craft spirits distribution.

See you around !



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Welcome Aloïs! Your Gin sounds pleasing to the eye and palate. I hope to visit and taste one day! Good luck wrapping your brain around distribution in the US. The federal regs are relatively simple. State laws and county and local ordinances all vary. Lots of good info and helpful people here.

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