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Ice Machines and "Cold Mold"


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We've been having trouble with our tasting room ice maker accumulating "cold mold" to the point that the drain becomes clogged and the ice bin fills with water. We lease the machine and the guy we lease from is now telling us the fast accumulation of "cold mold" is the result of the yeast we use - despite my insistence that yeast needs certain conditions, including somewhat specific temperatures and a food source. He tells me that this is an issue in all the distilleries he leases machines to.

Is anyone else having this issue with their ice maker?    

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Yes. I've heard it is a problem for anyone with a distillery, brewery, bakery, Kim chi factory, or any other fermented or yeast using product. I've also recently discovered the same mold that wants to grow in the ice maker, and requires a regular tear down of the machine, is also growing in the swamp cooler. It's pretty disgusting.

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.  What we found to be the most cost effective is to burn the ice once a week and then spray down everything with sani.  And learn how to tear down the machine for a deep clean because it will go down when you least want it to.

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