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1 Pallet of 200ml Flask type bottles for sale! Asking $0.15/each or best offer.

There is approximately 4,000 bottles of the pallet (we used a few cases but the original pallet is in tact), these come in 24pk cases KRAFT color


Available: 4,000+

Cases: YES 24pk Kraft brown (bottles are already in the erect cases ready for bottling)

Finish Type: 28-350 TE screw cap (I can supply a contact for caps if you need, these typically are $0.02-$0.03/cap depending on quantity) 

Attached is a bottle schematic for your reference

I can also arrange shipping quotes for you (you pay)

Feel free to call me or email me as I may get back to you sooner through one of these methods

-Jesse Parker

— Distillers Way LLC.

+1 360 929 4441


5235 Industrial Pl

Ferndale, wa, 98248

united states of america






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