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Excise tax


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Just crunching some numbers for my business plan. How exactly is the Excise tax charged? Is it per litre of 95% produced or is it per litre of sales no matter what percentage it is? Say i sell a product that is 500ml but only 20%. Will it get charged half the tax because its half litre or will it get charged basically 20% of the tax?

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The way that the tax is calculated - is for every LAA of product you create - it is subject to a $12.109 (until tomorrow or so) tax. So, you brew up a batch and using your gov't certified thermometer and hydrometers you would figure out that you created - let's say, 10 LAA that, times the aforementioned tax rate equals what you owe. Now there is a catch. You can pay up front for the booze, or you can pay when you move the finished bottled product into the retail enviornment. It is better and general practice to pay the warehouse (up front) - that way all the booze in your warehouse is yours. Just make sure you don't double pay when you move those spirits into your retail spaces.

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