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Industry Competitive Pricing for Contract Distilling of New Make Craft Bourbon, Rye, Single Malt Whiskeys & Rums.

Custom Whiskey Mash Bills & Locally Grown Grains Available.

  • Bourbon Whiskey-Wheated (70 corn, 16 wheat, 14 malted barley) $765/barrel
  • Bourbon Whiskey-High Rye (60 corn, 36 rye, 4 malted barley) $795/barrel
  • Bourbon Whiskey-High Rye (75 corn, 21 rye, 4 malted barley) $795/barrel
  • Rye Whiskey (51 rye, 39 corn, 10 malted barley) $840/barrel
  • Rye Whiskey (95 rye, 5 malted barley) $875/barrel

Quantity Discounts Offered.

High-Capacity, State-of-the-Art Craft Distillery with Expert Staff.

Importing, Batching, Blending & Co-Packaging Services.

Low Minimums & Long-Term Barrel Storage Options.

Learn More about our Contract Distilling here!

SDC Barrels Racked on Stows.JPG

SDC Sweet Mother of Goodness Column Still.jpg

SDC Bourbon in Tasting Glass.jpg

SDC Fermentation Tanks from Production Floor.jpg

SDC Grain Silos Backlit by Sunset.jpg

SDC Motor Control Center.jpg

SDC Copper Doubler.jpg

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@navenjohnson Thanks for letting me know. I'll follow up and we will get those out to you today. We've had a busy last few weeks.

Thanks for your interest in our contract distilling services! 

@navenjohnson Update: Samples were packaged up yesterday (with a free gift of thanks for your patience) and dropped at FedEx this morning. We look forward to connecting back with you once you have had the opportunity to try them. Thank you.

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22 hours ago, Julius said:

Do you make any peated distillate?

@Julius Yes, we have made custom mash bill peated malt whiskeys for previous clients. Please pm me if you would like to discuss further or have a specific project in mind. Thanks for your interest.

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