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WA guilds, lawyers, etc ?

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On lawyers - Some deal with production and distribution, most focus on state retail licensing, law and regulation.  . 

Most state license applications for producers are straightforward.  They ask questions like, "Do you have an interest in a retailer, etc."  I tell clients that in most instances, if I submit an application for a state license for them, I'm just transcribing info they give me to a state form.  I don't add much value to that.  Make sure the attorney is adding value if you hire one.

If your are looking to the attorney for contract advice, make sure that the attorney is familiar with the matters that concern you.  For example, if you are dealing with appointing a distributor, make sure the attorney understands the franchise law in the state where the distributor is located.  This is not an advertisement; I don't understand anything but the questions that you should most obviously ask about such things 🙂.  Nor do I know most states licensing requirements.

State agents are a good source of info on what you can do in regards to distribution, sales, tax payment, etc..  Again, this is not an advertisement because I have had clients in 40 or more states and I will not pretend to known what each of those states requires, prohibits, or allows.    

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