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Hello from Cleveland!

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Hey all, just wanted to introduce myself since I'll be posting more. I've been working at Cleveland Whiskey in Cleveland for 3+ years now in the distillery on production and new product development. Yes, we do things a little differently than other distilleries. Ask me about it some time! I like bourbon. I like visiting distilleries and asking about pumps, filtering, and talking about tri-clamps and fittings. Hoping to learn how to make our products better with the shared knowledge on this site, and am also slowly working on a single barrel/private label line of bottles and a whiskey blog (focused on inside stuff, not so much latest gossip or bottle releases)!

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Welcome, BC.

If you have any questions on cooling systems when you ramp up, let me know!

I have an great air glycol cooler to reduce your chiller electric cost for the whole winter- customer in CT uses his from Nov to Mar without the chiller running- saves cost of 10 HP chiller all winter.  

You are in a perfect place for it, me being an ex-Buffalonian!

I will offering a filtering option soon as well, developed by a brewery/distillery consultant- let me know if you want me to send you info.

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Howdy! I've got some family up in Cleveland we go up to see occasionally. I've drank a bit of the Cleveland Whiskey, but never visited. Do y'all do tours and such of the production facility ? We have a small distillery in WV if you'r ever down this way.

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