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Stainless steel carbon filter housing

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I have for sale a carbon filter housing. It was designed to hold 15 gallons of product, plus the filtration medium, but I believe it will hold much more than 15 gallons. It's 8 inches in diameter, with brackets to attach to the wall. Has 1.5" screens built into the gaskets for the triclamp fittings on the top and bottom inlets, and I've attached 3/8 inch hose barbs for tubing. 

Works perfectly, built by Paul over at Affordable Distillery Equipment. It's a bullet proof piece of equipment, we just don't use it any more. 

I'd let it go for $500, FOB 27545. Questions? Give me (Gentry) a call at five zero one eight three seven zero six four four, or email me at Gentry at LassiterDistilling dot com. 

I'll take reasonable offers as well. 


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