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Ozone vs Steam


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We are looking into a cleaning/sanitizing solution and are looking for all the incredible minds here to chime in. We are stuck between going with high pressure steam or an ozone generator. I’ve spoken with many distillers who swear by steam cleaning and also brewers and wine makers who wouldn’t part with their ozone systems. What are your thoughts on the right way to go here? We would be using this for both process vessel and as well as floors and drains. 


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Found this on ProBrewer.

Labor Cost Savings Breakdown
Sanitation set up and completion time reduced on average from 35 minutes to 5 minutes
½ hour labor savings x 4 times/day x 5 days/week = 10 hours/week x $25.00 Direct Labor Cost = $250.00/week x 52 weeks = $13,000.00/year
Cost of Destroyer GS12 Ozone Sanitation System - $10,495.00
Reduction of chemical and hot water cost which added additional savings were not calculated into payoff time!
System payoff time = 9.6 months!


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