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Turnkey Midwest Distillery for Sale


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Selling the whole turn-key business or the equipment as one lot for $375,000.


-Approved TTB labels/brands that you can also rebranded quickly

-Federal license to sell

-Proven/refined process/recipes for award winning vodka, gin, whiskey, and liquors.

-High quality German made 30ft high shiny copper still and equipment (produces the smoothest products 90% of stills can't achieve)(only 3 years of effective use)

-Barrells full of  aged rye whiskey 

-Working tasting room/Tours, USPTO Trademark

-Temporary free rent (optional building/land additional $ in high traffic locale)

-Knowledgeable labor if needed, relocation/setup support/training

-Small recent regional distribution with room for growth(15-20k monthly bottle capacity),

-Keep in place or move to your location.


PM for more info

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On 9/20/2019 at 10:31 PM, Bobah said:

Location please. 

the midwest.  if you're from New York, it starts just West of Philly until you get to Nevada.  If you're from Texas, it ain't anywhere near Texas.  Texas is Texas.  If you're from California.. hey, man, like, whaat?   If you're from Chicago, that's the midwest, but they aren't happy about who's in the rest of the midwest.   If you're from the South and don't say "y'all" then that's not the South, it's the midwest. 

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