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440gal oak fermenter, open top


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Oak fermenter for sale, open top, roughly 440gal capacity

This vessel was custom built by Issekes Bros., and has only been used for corn whisky. 
It's slats are 1.75" thick, and stands 46" top to bottom, 60" in outside diameter.
We have used it to hold 440gal mashes with a few inches of head space, but it may fit more.
The fermenter has a stainless bulkhead fitting at the bottom with 2" FNPT threads. 
Once hydrated the slats will swell and close the gaps, but since this one has been removed from service, it will need to be rehydrated (ie filled with water a few times).
We paid $4000/ piece, this one's going for $2000, but all offers will be considered, including trades. We can transport within the five boroughs, and may be able to transport in the greater tri-state area. Outside of that, we can help arrange shipping.
Only getting rid of it because we need the space, we're keeping the other four for now.
Any questions or to make an offer, please contact Charlie at CMHorwich@gmail.com 


IMG-1868 (1).JPG

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