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Gns/Ngs in British Columbia

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I just did a quick search of the government website and I don't see anything specific. Most of the regulations we live by are found in our contract with the province so there might be some privacy issues with respect to a general online list.

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We sum up the rules as:

If we want alcohol we have to make it ourselves using 100% BC produced mashing grains, fruits, honey, etc. But nothing that comes from away, so no Sask/Euro barley. Sigh.

We can use botanicals etc, but anything used for flavouring must be 100% natural;

We can produce up to 50,000L per year;

We keep the money save for excise 13%, provincial sales tax 10% and GST 5%;

We can sell direct, online, to restaurants/private liquor stores and through artisan/farmers/craft fairs;

No RTDs.  

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