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How feasible is this?


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Hi all!
Your forum is a wealth of knowledge, thank you for being here and for discussing in depth so many facets of whiskey making.

I'm interested in sourcing, not distilling. If I have a house on a property with a very large shed/garage (not attached to the house), could that property legally become a DSP, so that we could store many barrels of sourced whiskey in the big shed? I know there are complications with the TTB if you're trying to operate a still within a residential property, but what about just storing lots of sourced whiskey?

If it helps, the property will be in the state of Missouri.

Thank you for your help!

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It is not about the still. It is about the bonded premise, so storing whisky in barrel has the same issues as distilling, with regard to a residential property. That does not say it can't be approved, but they may want you to have some separation of the property with public (not private) access. For example, putting up a separation fence, possibly separating plots and ownership, and making sure there is a public road access to the location that is NOT on your residential property. And then you must make the property secure (think solidly built, with locks that meet TTB requirements), consider adding surveillance camera(s), and you will need local/state license for a bonded warehouse. Contact your regional TTB field rep for advice.

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