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Several questions for the forum

*What if any regulations from local, state, federal are distillers running into? 

* Are you having to pretreat your discharge water? If not how do you handle it since it may have alcohol be high in BOD, CBD and other contaminants? I know these waters are potentially highly disruptive to local water treatment plants.

* Do you have permits for any of your air sources from grinding grains or fugitive emissions from alcohol?

* Do you file community right  to know (EPCRA) due to the volume of alcohol you're storing which isn't bottled? What are you doing with spent grains?

I haven't really found much except for breweries.  Scares me that i may be missing something.    Any experiences with these would be appreciated

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Hi @Rookie the answer to all your questions are going vary widely depending on who you talk to and where they operate. 

Your first question, I could write you a long story to answer it, would be a much better phone discussion

For water treatment, this will depend on the input from your local water authorities. I have run distilleries where I had to carefully control our waste water and treat it. ive also run distilleries where we did not treat our waste water at all

Same the answer to the last question. Yes and No 

If you need some help getting a distillery going and need help clearing regulation hurdles, please email me Distillerynow@gmail.com and I can share my experiences with you and help you work through them.

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