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Bottle and packaging vendor - new to the forum!

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Hi everyone! I just registered here on the ADI forum. My name is Michael Ferchak. I work at Fusion Glassworks in Shanghai, China. Fusion is a U.S company, but with main operations based here in Shanghai. We are a vendor of custom glass bottles and packaging. We specialize in high quality bottles for the handcrafted spirits industry and can manufacture anything from standard stock bottles to extremely creative custom shapes. (We make a bottle shaped like the state of Texas for one of our clients in Austin!)

We offer a range of glass qualities which allows us to cater specifically to the pricing needs of our customers. Our highest quality bottles are crystal flint - they are perfectly translucent, and can compare with the finest Italian glass.

We are a relatively small operation. We care about customer service and we care about each one of our customers. We hope to grow our business by helping our customers grow.

Ask us for a quote on your bottle - I guarantee our prices will make you smile.

Feel free to contact me directly for any questions you have regarding packaging for your product.




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