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Hello everyone, this is Chris Carlsson of Spirits Review (http://www.spiritsreview.com).

Really glad to be able to join this forum, I love micro distilled products (the well made ones anyway) and am thrilled to see a forum like this.

I bought some domains to start a forum like this and that is about how far that project got for me as I have been so busy with my site.

I have always tried to support small distillers and help whoever, wherever, I can either by reviews ( we get a lot of hits if I may say so) trips to take pictures to post, help make some connections to distributors or retailers, or just information and links (we currently have about 3,000 links on our site).

I started my site out of frustration (not to say a number of other things too) with the liquor industry ( and especially some distributors) trying to locate both good products and information on them.

I am a writer/journalist, spirits judge,mixologist, and hope someday to become a distiller myself someday.Until then I'll try to write about micro distilled spirits and mix drinks with them to raise the publics awareness of it.



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