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Tuesday Morning Insurance Tidbit - Best Laid Plans


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It is Tuesday, that means it is time for the Tuesday Morning Insurance Tidbit!!!!!!!!!!


     My goodness!  Where to start???!!!?!  Well, as the title eludes to, I had some really well thought out and great plans in store and I was sooooo, soooo excited to execute them.  I was going to put up a teaser on Tuesday last week and then hit you all with a great post on Thursday for Thanksgiving.  I wanted to tell you all that I am so thankful for all of you, for being allowed to be InsuranceMan 2.0!!! for the last 9, now almost 10 years, how I am thankful for what I do and for all of the support of ADI and the community here.   That is why I put those things now, because they are true and I am so very thankful and have a lot to be thankful for.  My wonderful plans fell by the wayside however ...

     With that, I have to tell you that I am SUPER thankful to just have made it to see some family and back during "SNOWmagedon".  Wowza!  I have done battle with some serious evildoers in years past, but Mother Nature can be one of the evilest evildoers of all. She can be unrelenting, and just when you think you have her beat, she decides to really show you what she can do, and then you all but beg for mercy.  

     I missed my post last Tuesday because we wanted to go see family and I figured we would leave early enough that I would write to all of my dear readers latter that day setting up the Thursday "Thanksgiving" post.  I was wrong.  What should have been a 7 hour drive ended up being like a 17 hour drive and by the time we got in I was to tired and nerve-wracked to type or see.  I needed a Martini and bed, stat!!!!!  The next day was not as crazy, but it was a bit stressful spending time on phone calls and relaying road reports to others and catching up with family and making sure everyone one in other places were ok as well.  Then the big Thanksgiving day came and it was wild and crazy as well.  People all over, which is what it is about, phone calls to those that could not be with us, and of course a lot of food and drink, which was glorious.  In all of the fun and frivolity however, and the decompression of the prior days stress, my post did not get written and for that, I apologize.  Then of course the next day and the next were full of family fun and catching up with old friends, etc.  Then it was time to head home.  Dunt-dunt-DAAAA!!!!

     "The roads are open", they said.  "It should be fine", they told us.  "I don't think the hard stuff is gonna come down for a while" (nod if you get that reference), we heard.  Yup, the roads were open, but that does not mean they should be.  That 7 hour drive that took 17 the first go-around took more like 2 1/2 days going back.  Thank God I am InuranceMan 2.0!!! and I have nerves of steel and super vision.  I have never been in ground blizzards, ice packed roads, and 60+ mile an hour winds like that in my life.  A stretch of highway ... HIGHWAY was at a dead standstill with traffic in both directions for 30-40 miles.  When it would move, it was slow, but that did not keep people from sliding off into the ditches or trucks from BLOWING OVER!!!!  If you have not seen that, it is something to behold!!!!!!!  And we are talking about a highway that runs in the middle of FREAKING NOWHERE where there are not towns every 5 miles.  More like every 50-100 miles.  Well, suffice to say, after getting through the nightmareish hell that Mother Nature threw at us, we were snowed in to a decent sized town for a day or so, and finally crept our way back to Sheridanopolis a few days late, and that is why I am just writing this to you all now.

     I am thankful for many things, all of you here being one of them.  I am thankful for a good life, good family, good friends, good drinks, and to be home safe and sound.  I am not thankful for wicked winter storms.  I am hopeful that all of you had a great Thanksgiving, stayed safe, and are home and happy.  I am not thankful for my best laid plans going out the window, but life is full of wrenches that get thrown in our cogs, and being able to ebb and flow is what we have to do, on a daily basis.

     So, no real insurance related items here today, but I will get something in here for you to make it all worth it that is insurance related so you get something out of reading all of this.  I saw a great saying the other day that went like this, "If you only have liability on your vehicle, stay home.  This is a FULL COVERAGE kind of driving day."  Yes they were!  Until Next Time ...


Stay Vigilant,

Aaron Linden

a.k.a. InsuranceMan 2.0!!! 


aaron@roaringforkins.com            or             insuranceman2.0@yahoo.com

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