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Low wines and fire code


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Yes, low wines in excess of 16% ABV are included in your MAQ.  This is an excerpt from a Dalkita article that addresses this issue.  

Ethanol, over about 16% ABV is classified as a 1B or 1c Flammable liquid. On the MAQ chart, the amount in storage is 120 gallons, and in use (closed systems) is 120 gallons. You can not add storage and in use together. For instance, you could have 100 gallons in storage, and 20 gallons in use and you’d be at the max.  Ultimately, if you exceed this volume of >16% ABV, then the room or building shall be classified as an H-3 (Hazardous) occupancy. 

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You've misunderstood, you can remain F-1 by adding sprinklers and this will take you to 240 gallons.  If you search on the term "MAQ" on this forum you will find significant discussion.  H-3 will require much more in your build out but than you will have no MAQ.

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