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PONL: How to submit a TIB?


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How does one submit a Transfer in Bond online? I thought I did it but now I can't see it. I go to PONL:


Amend approved permits, registrations or notices 

Make changes that require TTB approval, including trade names, use of the premises, power of attorney, transfers in bond, and more.

I see two records : "Application for Original Entity" and "Application for Distilled Spirit Plant (Beverage and Industrial)"  

I click "Create Amendment"


*Do you want to terminate all TTB-regulated operations under this EIN?: YesNo

*Do you need to add or remove trade names (this does not include your operating / doing business as name)? YesNo

*Do you need to add a new owner, officer, or other person associated with this business?: YesNo

*Do you need to make any other changes to the information TTB has on file about this business entity (e.g. remove owners/officers, update information about current owners/officers, add or remove power of attorney, add or remove signing authority, and/or change the name of the business)?: YesNo

None of these look right to me. Is there something I'm missing? 

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The other one says this: 



Tell us about any changes you are making at this location to this particular commodity operation.

*Do you want to terminate the operation at this location but keep other TTB-regulated operations open?: YesNo

*Do you need TTB to approve an export certificate so that you can export products to a foreign country?: YesNo

*Do you need to change the mailing address for this location?: YesNo

* Do you need to make any other changes to the information TTB has on file about this commodity operation (e.g. changes to the location, operation, bonds, operating / doing business as name, buildings or equipment, production procedures, etc.)?: YesNo

Is it the last one here? 

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Awesome thanks. That worked for the "Application for Distilled Spirit Plant (Beverage and Industrial)"

Answer Yes to the question above and No to the rest.

It will take you to the next screen. It will have a TON of options. Chose this one: 


Are you adding or removing any spirits and/or denatured spirits by transfer in bond?

Then the next screen will be the current details of your operation. I didn't change anything and only hit "Continue"

The next screen will have the TIB. 

Serial Number - Looking at the original PDF I see serial number is YYYY-X where X is the number of TIBs you've submitted. So your first TIB is 1, etc etc. So I'm filling out my serial number as 2020-1. I'm not 100% sure on this so if this is wrong let other people know. 

I added the info and clicked "Submit". 

Then clicked "Continue" at the bottom of this page. 

It went to the "Attachments" screen. There's none required that I saw. I clicked "Continue".

It went to the "Declarations" screen. I clicked the box, it added the date by itself.  I clicked "Continue".

It went to the "Review" screen. I looked at it quickly and then  clicked "Continue".

It went to the "Application package" screen. I clicked "Submit Application Package". 

Since I didn't have any bond required it went to the "Submission Confirmation"

Hopefully this will help other people that are in my position. This is why we should share info even on the "simple stuff". 



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Great share! I sent in one in paper form. When I questioned how long it took the TTB agent told me I should have submitted online, but since they did not have instructions, the only way I would have known is if I did it before. Huh? 

I could be incorrect, but your serial number may need to be 3 digits after the year. Don't quote me on that, but for some reasonI remember needing to submit it as 2020-001 as an example. 

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