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Distillery Calculator

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Distillery Calculator

Through conversations with new distillers we found that a common thread of questions consistently emerged when they were going through their planning phase.

  • What equipment options are available to me if I want to produce X, Y spirits, and how do I leave my options open if I:
    • Need to reduce my budget
    • Need to increase output
    • Need to have the equipment paid off in 2 years
    • Want to work fewer days but maintain output
    • Want to produce different spirits down the road
    • Decide to produce much more of spirit X instead of spirit Y

We created the Revival Distillery Calculator to help guide new distillers towards the most effective equipment based on their current and projected business goals. 

If you find yourself asking these same questions, we hope you find this tool useful as well.

As always, if you have any questions or ideas on how we can improve the calculator please drop us a line any time.

Cheers, Darcy.

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