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Malt whisky ???


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So I work in an invironment that is sometimes cool  between myself and the brewery there is a half wall. Yesterday I heard Cali it’s from next door so I went over apparently a brew got stuck in the mash ton. And could not be pumped out via normal method. After determining the batch was a loss the were going to dump it. I said no give it to me. 
  So I got it into a 300 gallon tote. I dropped some SO4 on it to get it rolling then some 927 distillers yeast on after 24 hrs. It’s doing well. 
  Here is the grain bill.

900 lbs 2 row

150 lbs white wheat

 50 flaked oats

50  carapils

50 Carmel malt 40L

thoughts..... anyone........





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Thoughts of what kind? You haven't asked a specific question. Is it malt whiskey? Yes, if it is 51%+ of malted barley and balance is all grains. Is it single malt, no, because it is not 100% malt barley. What other thoughts are you looking for? Will it be good? Who knows?

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Oh sorry, I guess I didnt ask a specific question. My  concern being the carapils. As  I have never used them in any fashion. The brewer says he uses them in beer for better body and head retention.  Curious has anyone had a similar experience and will they cause a bad flavor is all really.

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No they haven’t. After the fact I did some reading to see what I could do with it after I have it distilled. It seems as though my options are limited. It can be a malt whiskey, or I can blend it with in house product and it can be a blended whiskey , if I age it on oak for a while I can expand a bit more . I’d like to do a blended rye.  I guess I ll have to wait and see next week how the flavor is. Give me a better idea of what to do with it I guess.

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