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Washington or California State distillery

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We are a group of new to the distilling business who are looking to partner or buy an existing distillery in WA or CA. Our partner group does include experienced distillers from overseas looking to take their craft to these shores and help us with our setup and production. Products includes Vodka, Gin, Whiskey as well as other unique styles of alcohol. 

Since we are new to the business we would welcome any and all suggestions. 

Appreciate this forums support. 


Thank you


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Hi Jesper,

We offer custom distilling services in Sonoma County, California if that would be something that interests you.

Email me at josh@youngandyonder.com if you would like to further discuss.



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I might as well chime in here.  I don't often openly advertise my services, but if you have any questions about the consequences of different ways in which you can acquire interest in an existing operation I can help to explain that.  

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