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Agave ferment was great


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I just wanted to say thanks to all that come here and share there knowledge.

i did a test batch of agave spirit, 40 gallon , used 2 yeasts as well as 2 separate nutrients.

started @1.049 ( 14.2Brx)kept it at 91 degrees, 2/3 s pitch initially  both w/nutrients. Other 1/3 in 48 hrs.

12 days in 1.001 3.5Brx.....starting Ph 5.2 I am @3.8 this morning. 
 I wanted to thank @Storm King Distilling Co.,@bluefish , and everyone else for a couple of great threads and sharing the experience.

I also added a 100 g of agave terrines to the mix. 
I will slow run it out in a couple days and let you know how it tastes.

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