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Free Marketing Help For Answering A Few Questions

The Crafty Cask

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Hi everyone! I'm looking for a few distillers/owners to have a quick call with me for a research project I'm working on to better help craft makers with marketing when they're first getting started. No sales pitch at all - just looking to learn about your challenges, frustrations, and wins (or lack of doing anything at all!) when it comes to marketing so I can help others have more wins and fewer challenges and frustrations in the future! If you're brand spankin' new and haven't even started thinking about marketing seriously yet I'd love to hear your thoughts as well!
As a thank you you'll get free access to the final output (tool/cheatsheet/online course/etc...) when the research is complete. As a sign of goodwill and to show I really will provide value in return for this, here's our existing mini-course on using hashtags to grow your audience you can access for free now
We can likely keep it to 30 minutes or less unless we get chatty ;) Who's game?! I'll work around your schedule, of course. Comment below or email me directly at suzanne@thecraftycask.com. Thanks a million for helping me better help friends like you succeed!
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