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RO Water Storage Tank - Poly or SS


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I'm running a smaller 200 gallon stainless water storage tank now for my RO water but need to upgrade to 1,000g or larger. Is anyone using polyethylene tanks for your RO water? I' worried about the plastic tank imparting a flavor into the water and then into my spirits.  But a $650 poly tank vs a $3000-$5000 stainless tank is what is driving the question.

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You can probably pick up a UV pond or industrial filter and just plumb it right as the water comes out of the tote.

One thing I'd suggest is to setup a filter inline as well before dumping the water back in the tank.  If you are killing off microbes in the water with UV you want to have a way to remove them as well.

If you are using the water pretty consistently you probably don't need to keep it circulating 100% of the time as just your normal usage will be enough.

You should be able to calculate the watts needed to kill off anything based on your flow rate.  Do some reading of needed watts per flow rate (contact time) before buying anything.  You'll need to clean them occasionally as well (easy) so that the glass doesn't build up a slime on it stopping the UV from doing it's thing.

You can also plumb in 2 or 3 smaller units in parallel if needed as that could be cheaper.  Look into how much bulbs cost at different sizes.  With multiple units you can stagger replacement.

If this is for cooling water only and will never be potable or used for anything else, you can add 1/4 teaspoon of bleach per gallon of storage water to kill off algae and microbes as well. That's about 1/3 gallon of bleach for a 1000 gallon storage tank.

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