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For the people who are still able to think for themselves, here is a post I made over at Probrewer for your enrichment and edification as True Humans. I also have tons more critical and high level intel coming in daily from people who know WTF is going on. The real truth will escape and fly right over the heads of sheep and parrots types.

What this is, is one of the biggest EVER Psy Ops ever rolled out to see just how far people can be pushed and mind controlled.
Its not what it has been made out to be, although its also " something."
All of the CGI images being thrown out are FAKE. This is not what this thing would look like under an Electron Microscope even if it was definitely located.
We have the Western Countries of 96% Sheep and Parrots, fully incapable of just about any real critical thought, or doing their own research.
This is a FEAR CAMPAIGN among other things.
In India, all Healing methods are ALLOWED, in the USA its against the law to cure anything.
There is no more Dangerous Cartel on the face of the Planet than the Big Pharma-Allopathic Medical system.
If you do not understand what " Iatrogenic " means, look it up.
If you think 99% of Allopaths are there to help you....
You are grossly mistaken. All of those " True Believers " who will buy into a repeat anything they are told are in an age where all the ling term lies are starting to come out.
This is the high Danger of " Belief."
Sages and Monks have zero beliefs. They either know or they do not know and there is a major world of difference.
" Belief " is what the negative ego " wants " to be true.
" Disbelief " is what the negative ego " does not want " to be true.
Quantum Physics has been showing for some time, that what you buy into determines what kind of world you will live in.
Its your choice. Tyranny or take back your power. There IS Real Intel at large regarding this issue, but people who are locked into Belief Systems and fixed idea will never get it, because they do not want to. This is shameful.
Sane people need to make the decision to grow up and take total responsibility for their lives and their health.
Anything can be overcome in a sane and sober world.
When there is a major profit motive in keeping all the sheep dependent on a " Parasitic " system, this is a very dark affair indeed.
It will eventually end badly for the people who are working this against the masses.
Look into a strig of killings in the recent past of Several USA Holistic Doctors that were " Successfully using GCMAF " to actually cure people.
One man towards the west coast and his entire family were taken out. This is how bad things have gotten here and good men are turning a blind eye towards it because the BELIEVE in the overlords.
Thie biggest virus is the mind virus of belief.


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Fuck off with that flat-earther/sovereign citizen/crisis actor/faked moon landing bullshit. You believe you know better than the thousands of doctors and scientists that are on the frontlines of this disease because you watched some Youtube videos made by people just as nutty as you. That's not enlightenment. It's narcissism.

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