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Labels for Hand Santizer

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Hello everyone,

We running a LOT of labels for distilleries and their contribution of alcohol for hand santizer. to hospitals, fire depts. and out in the community.

Our turn times are currently 5-7 working days.  If you are in need please connect with me directly at irene@allamericanlabel.net

Please stay safe out there and were are here for you.



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Are you guys doing your part by donating labels for sanitizer use to distilleries?

DSPs are already loosing out on sales by diverting resources to making free sanitizer, plus footing the bill for labor, ingredients and bottles.  Any help from other related industries would surely be appreciated I'm sure!

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While I can't speak to label donations at this time, I can tell you our crew and presses are running 24/7 putting their own safety at stake, making every effort to get these labels out quickly.  We have not been asked for donated labels that I am aware of.  In speaking with friends at other label companies, they are conducting business as usual with hand sanitizer labels.   We do have hundreds of cutting dies in house that can be used and our turn times are excellent considering all we have going on!



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