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question on smearing of factions


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when distilling in a pot still (and I am assuming twice to get the distillate to an appreciably high alcoholic abv) is it that the distillate resulting from the first distillation is ALWAYS cloudy resulting from smearing even if one has made cuts to sever heads and the tails?

What is the reason why smearing happens resulting in a little cloudiness?

Does it happen with all spirits or does it depend on the source material from which the wash is made?

Why does it not happen in the second run of the pot distillation?


Thank you



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The cloudyness is from the proof of the fluid not smearing. High alcohols and water can come out milky. Ideally second run is rectified to appropriate proof and is colorless. Don't try and take a head cut on your stripping run just run it fast and hard worry bout fractionating later.

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